Pixie Tenenbaum: This Girl Can

I’ve been shortlisted for an Active Newcastle This Girl Can Award!

Huge, massive thanks to everyone who nominated me, and also my roller derby league Newcastle Roller Girls, in the Active Newcastle #ThisGirlCan Awards.   I can’t tell you how psyched I am to have been shortlisted and how freaking awesome you all are!

This Girl Can is a national initiative and has existed in Newcastle for a year now with a huge media presence and participation from lots of local sports teams and solo Ambassadors; in a nutshell, the initiative aims to address the gender gap in sport and support more women and girls into sport and fitness.


The main thing you need to know is that the whole This Girl Can thing is really cool, fact.  There are Ambassadors (just like me) all over the country and we’re out there doing our thing, being active and promoting, supporting and celebrating women in sport.  It’s not about forcing fitness on to people, it’s about saying that no matter what your shape, size, ability or weakness, there’s a place for you in the world of sport.  It absolutely doesn’t matter what you look like when you’re working out, and the more girls who really get that message, the better.  After all, if you’re looking goddamn beautiful after a workout, then you probably didn’t work hard enough.

The Active Newcastle This Girl Can Awards ceremony takes place on Saturday march 5th 2016 at The Crowne Plaza Hotel in Newcastle and with literally a billion (ok, not quite a billion) awards up for grabs, all voted for by you the public; it promises to be a fun filled and exciting night.  The best bit is that it’s all about how well we’ve done as a region in closing the gender gap in sport, something we should really all be proud of.


If you’re a girl, woman, lady, queen, whatever you want to call yourself, and you’ve thrown on a pair of sneakers and ran around the park, swung a kettlebell, punched a heavy bag or anything else active in the last twelve months, then you’re officially one of us, you’re one of those girls who can; and man, it’s a great feeling right?

If you’re not yet convinced but your interest is piqued, then take a class, go to the park, head to the beach for a walk, get up, get out and do something active.  Chances are that you’ll meet other girls who can along the way and we’re a great community here in Newcastle.  Whatever you do, do it for you and do it because you can.  It’s easy to stay home and armed with a whole raft of reasons not to it’s easy to convince yourself not to bother but the real winners are the ones out there doing it despite the reasons not to, they’re the girls who can, and wouldn’t you rather be in their gang?

Pixie x

Keep it here to find out the results of the #ThisGirlCan Awards after March 5th.


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