Beyonce Channels Flashdance For ELLE


Following on from her Ivy Park active wear brand announcement last week, Beyonce is covering both the UK and US versions of ELLE magazine (wearing Ivy Park, natch) and promoting the hell out of the brand.

Now this is a shameful post as I’m a sucker for a killer image and these are just that.


Let’s not forget, Beyonce has Ivy Park Collection 1 dropping April 14th and she has product to shift, but man, these images are good and if anyone can shift product, it’s Beyonce.

Taking inspiration from Flashdance with a modern twist and a focus on the sportswear, Bey lords it up to the max in this latest spread for ELLE magazine, and gives a rare in-depth interview about freedom, feminism, and how her latest foray into fashion helps women love their bodies and feel empowered.  With the images already causing a buzz on social media it looks like it’s had the desired effect – create a huge frenzy for Ivy Park and everything will work out.  And you know what Bey, it definitely will….

Pixie x

The May issue of ELLE magazine hits newsstands April 5th.

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