SJP vs The Blogosphere: Wins All Round

The Met Gala 2016 – you’re familiar with this year’s crop, the mass of silver and metallic gowns on the red carpet and most likely the worst of the bunch will be stuck firmly in your head for the next few days at least.

Obvs, worst of the bunch was undoubtedly Taylor Swift, you know this well enough by now and luckily for me, most of you seem to agree.  However, what defines a ‘miss’ in the fashion stakes?  For me it’s someone who missed the theme by a mile, failed to adhere to it at all, or completely misinterpreted it altogether, for others it’s a hot mess.  We’ve all got our own rules.

One celeb who just wasn’t having it was Sarah Jessica Parker.  Parker arrived on the night bucking the trend for metallics for an off-white Monse ensemble that was a huge contrast amongst the sea of silver robots on the red carpet.

Twitter blew up with comments criticising SJP’s choice of outfit for not fitting the Manus x Machina theme, even I jumped on that wagon and rode it suggesting that this outfit might be more fitting for a Pirates of the Caribbean themed party and she’s undoubtedly one of my favourite red carpet dressers – however I stand by it, this outfit just didn’t do it for me.

For everyone saying that SJP was irritated, or that she lost her shit at someone’s comment, this is just a simple case of someone in the public eye, defending and explaining their choice, something SJP has every right to do, and she did it with aplomb….

Blogger, Ivy Marshall, posted on Instagram: “The 2016 Met Gala Theme was “Manus X Machina; Fashion in the age of technology and this trio didnt get the memo @sarahjessicaparker@dvf @madonna.” and within minutes, and in fact the second comment on the post, she received this from SJP

“Got the memo. Always welcome thoughts but I’m a stickler for the theme and pay close attention to what it means. Every year with great consideration, research and conviction. The understanding of man and machine, how they intersect, when and why is what we considered. Perhaps you weren’t aware of the technology used in the details and embellishments of the design. Or perhaps you simply didn’t like what I wore which is completely fine but you can’t accuse me of not paying close attention and adhering to the theme. With respect and warmest regards, sj”

Scathing, but sweet, the perfect blend of response.  In a further response to the backlash over her choice of outfit, SJP penned a piece for T Magazine in which she explained the ‘technology’ referred to in her Insta-comment:

“My team takes the theme so seriously each year — and I don’t think we’d do it any other way, Manus x Machina: Fashion in the Age of Technology” challenged me, we didn’t want to simply apply lights and actual, physical technology on me. We didn’t want it to be about the electronic screen or something that could turn on and off. We wanted it to be about the technology of thought, of application, of fabrication.”

Screen Shot 2016-05-04 at 20.56.01Game, set, match – SJP.

Like a savvy little Blogger, Ivy Marshall responded with a simple “2016 might not have been her best look and yes I still think she was out of place!!!” and links to her blog natch. Shrewd move Ivy.  I like it.  After all, there’s nothing like a scuffle with a celebrity, or a superheater to boost your social media following.  Cue winky face emoji, high-5 hands and fist bump

Pixie x

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  • SJ’s answer is still out of the MxM theme… “the technology of thought, of application, of fabrication” already has a name, it’s Haute Couture and it’s nothing new!