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Tenenbaums On Tour: Vacay!

June 21, 2016

As you know Voyeurs, I just got back from an amazing vacation visiting Mama Tenenbaum in Menorca and this time, my (non twin) brother Horlicks and his wife Kate came along too.  I don’t usually write about this type of thing but Menorca is pretty special and I got some awesome pictures so thought I’d let them do the talking…

We got off to a great start at Newcastle Airport; travelling with an Autistic passenger with the added complication of a severe learning disability and a rare chromosomal abnormality can be tricky to say the least but Jet2 Ground Crew member Dean Johnson was amazing, organising a separate bus to take Plankton and his entourage to the plane and even escorting him to the plane door.  Snaps for Dean and Jet2, seriously guys, that’s a great thing you’ve got going on there.

We visited gorgeous Ciutadella on market day, if you haven’t been I’d highly recommend it.  From the beautiful police station to the smell of leather drifting around the market, it’s a veritable treat for the senses and there are tiny side streets to amble along and admire the architecture (and doors).  I couldn’t resist picking up a pair of Little Lord Fauntleroy style bloomers (yes, really) and some other pieces.

In the small hill top town of Alaior, the locals come together every Saturday night for live music and dancing in the square, it’s something not really known by visiting tourists and it’s rare to find another English speaking person there but it’s well worth a visit.  The sounds of Santana blast out during our visit and yes, Plankton and I dabbled…

Back in Son Bou I discovered a picture of yours truly on the Wall of Fame in the world famous Mai Tai Bar (which serves one of the best gin and tonics I’ve ever had, it’s an experience not to be missed).

I wore headwear, but no crowns….

And was woken up far too early on more than one occasion….

I wore ONE BIKINI on ONE DAY, the first time in 22 years in fact, and was trolled for it:

We visited beautiful Mahon, a wonderfully eclectic mix of all things new and old from the flagship Stradivarius store to the old castle walls.  There’s also awesome street art at every turn…

The reason for our visit, my mama’s husband’s 60th birthday, went on for a full seven days of eating out and drinking Mahon gin and far too many pictures of me smiling or looking drunk…

I had a Marilyn moment….

And we watched the most beautiful sunsets over Sant Tomas beach, famed for it’s gorgeous aspects…

The Tenenbaum Olympics took place, disappointingly, my brother and I were the only entrants and the proceedings were halted pretty quickly during the Lunge Race when this happened…


We took the boardwalk to the beach, something I think of a lot when I’m in the UK, put simply, it’s a myriad of wooden walkways leading to different aspects of the beach and various beach and surf bars.  Doesn’t sound like much, I guess you had to be there…

We haven’t even started on the doors yet…. if you’re a fellow #archilover then the #DoorsOfMenorca are seriously good, yes, even with a #PhotoTerrorist.  Thanks Horlicks, you’re adoorable (see what I did there??).

I bought stuff.  Natch… (Let it be known that this little bottle of golden goodness {centre} is an absolute #HairHero, if you’re in Spain, stock up and then give it all to me)

I took a lot of pictures of my feet, in my defence I was road testing a new gel nail system from Essie, but I know what you’re thinking: weird.  Am I right?

…..and a few of my butt, but that was just for the #BikiniHaters and I gained a few tattoo hating trolls in the process…

As for the rest of the vacation, it truly was lush.  From the busy city to the fishing ports, the night markets to the cocktail bars, the place is visually gorgeous and the people are friendly.  There’s loads to keep kids entertained too, not my usual topic but there’s a gazillion play parks which are well equipped and clean all over Menorca.  Bo actually allowed me to photograph him once or twice too #Winning.

There’s not a lot more you can ask for from a family vacation is there?  Yes, Mama Tenenbaum cried on our arrival and our departure but you’d expect nothing less would you #Voyeurs?

So now I’m back in the UK there’s one thing that’s top of my priority list and that’s booking my next break.  Nice, I’m coming for you….

Pixie xo


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  1. Great to see so many images on a travel related blogpost. They bring the destination to life.

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