The LONDUNN + Missguided collection landed this week and it’s best described as a fusion of athleisure and fierce street wear.  With a focus on sports luxe fabrics such as jersey, velour and heavy cottons, and on trend shapes including bell sleeves, open backs and wide rip cords, the collection is aimed not at street stylers, but at those who want to emulate the look of street stylers.

Model Jourdan Dunn is the driving force behind this collaboration, as Creative Director she’s on a mission to inspire confidence in women.  Using her own personal style as inspiration for the looks in the collection, Dunn set out to create shapes that are not only bang on sub-trend, but flattering to the female body too.  The campaign is a celebration of female empowerment with a girl squad hand selected by, and featuring Dunn herself.

Stand out pieces include the bell sleeved bodysuits, velour track pants and the logo-ed to the max underwear in jersey or mesh.  Building on and fusing the micro-trend for whale net tights above a denim waistband and the obvious Calvin Klein visible underwear trend.

LONDUNN + Missguided is the younger sister to Beyonce’s Ivy Park, where Ivy Park is something you’d definitely wear to the gym, LONDUNN is something else.  It’s for when you want you want to show off the body you got in the gym, for when you want your fierceness to do the talking.  Dunn’s mantra and famous tattoo ‘You owe it to yourself, set the world on fire’ provides the strap line to the campaign and a signature for the collection.

With prices starting at just £12, it’s definitely affordable, there are some sequins in the first drop too for those of you who can’t do without a bit of bling in their wardrobe.  The most expensive piece tops out at only £60 in this first release of the collection making it one of the most on trend, affordable celebrity collaborations around.  The collection is a grower too Voyeurs – I wasn’t overly keen on it when I was sent a preview but the more I looked at it, the more I could see it infiltrating my wardrobe.  I have the bell sleeved body suit and the velour pants already…..

Pixie xo

The full collection is available to view and buy now by clicking Shop Now.



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