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MAC launches Makeup Parties

March 16, 2017

I’d be willing to bet that each and every one of you reading this owns at least one MAC product.  Whether it’s the iconic Ruby Woo lipstick (the perfect matte red, seriously, try it) or makeup bag staple Strobe Cream, there’s no doubting MAC is a favourite amongst Makeup Artists, Models and yes, regular people the world over.  The brand’s infamous Vival Glam collaborations have even been known to stop traffic.

If you’re a makeup lover, you’ll have experienced the frustration of fighting through the swarms of teenagers who monopolise the MAC counter on a weekend and you’ll understand the joy of finding your perfect Mineralise foundation shade.  Yes, MAC really is THAT rollercoaster, but when you hit your stride and find YOUR hero products, you’ll sharpen your elbows and become a counter pro.

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If you’re ‘makeup curious’ in that you love the thought of creating looks but aren’t really sure how to experiment, or are intimidated by the huge choice of shades and finishes, then a select few MAC counters have a little trick up their sleeve that was tailor made for you……

Enter the MAC Party.  Cue fanfare and streamers because this one has been a long time coming.  The basic concept:  Grab up to 8 of your best gals, head on over to the MAC counter and you’ll have 2 MAC Makeup Artists who’ll give you expert tuition on how to create the perfect face using MAC products and brushes.  That’s right Voyeurs, MAC just played their ace card.

I was invited along to MAC House of Fraser at Intu Metrocentre to get the skinny on the MAC Party concept and to find out what other counter services MAC offer their clients.  I met Makeup Artist Josephine who treated me to ‘Makeup in 60 Minutes’, one of the counter’s most popular services, whilst we chatted.  Because my usual look is an uber bold lip and minimal eye, we opted for the reverse; a bold eye with a dewy base and nude lip.  As Josephine got to work she told me that staff are super excited about the imminent launch of MAC Party as it’s long overdue and gives artists a chance to work collaboratively with clients to create something really Bespoke and wearable.

Whilst we’re chatting, Josephine preps my face with Mineralise super light foundation in NW20, a shade so perfect it’s barely detectable, with a pop of ‘Softly Does It’ cream blush across my cheekbones.  In a few easy steps, we have the perfect base that’s set in place with a rose scented fixing spray.

While she gets to work on creating a deep blue eye look, Josephine tells me that MAC Party has been designed as a more in depth, tuition based service.  So rather than rocking up for a special occasion and having a Makeup Artist create a look for you, this is all about learning how to create a super effective look for yourself.  It’s still a hands on service, a Makeup Artist will demonstrate on your face in front of the mirror and then you recreate it – with support obvs – simples.  Aren’t they worried it will negate the need for a makeup service?  Absolutely not says Josephine; you can never learn enough about makeup.  With new techniques, trends and products turning over faster than the seasons change, she thinks that this is a service that equips and empowers MAC clients to learn more about what works for them and is a great way to push colour boundaries.  I’ve got to say, I’m with her on that one.

Josephine has been with MAC for long enough to know that my signature shade is Heroine, that I’m always lingering around the blue or purple lipsticks and that I’ll push the envelope when it comes to colours so I don’t hesitate when she suggests a combo of blue liner and blue mascara to highlight my green eyes.

With the rise of online makeup tutorials and younger girls looking to makeup as a career choice, we talk about how MAC Party could help younger teenagers to achieve this and also boost confidence.  My almost teenage sister is the perfect candidate for this – and at £25 per person (which is redeemable against products) it’s not out of reach for the younger market.  Makeup lovers in this age group save their pocket money to splurge on cosmetics and if they’re getting a lesson in how to apply it at the same time, everybody’s winning right?

In exactly 60 minutes, I’m done.  Using a blend of shades Get Physical and In The Shadows, Josephine has created the perfect dramatic, blown out eye look in a rich, royal blue.  Sound scary?  It’s really not, the blue makes my green eyes pop and it’s surprisgly easy to wear as a day or evening look as it blows out into a muted copper hue (this is where MAC Party comes in handy as it teaches you how to wear shades you might not normally consider).

Got a special occasion on the horizon and want to take the hard work out of the prep?  ‘Makeup in 60 Minutes’ is the perfect solution, not only will you leave with the perfect face based on your brief, but you’ll also be given a crib sheet with every product used for reference.

There’s also an express makeup service which focuses on one particular aspect of makeup, think killer eyes, or the perfect base and contour and then you top up with the bits you’re best at.  MAC Party is the special one; girls nights out, Batchelorette parties, birthday parties, basically any reason you can think of to get a group of friends together to bond over skincare and makeup.  It’s the service you never knew you needed, until now.

When I come to leave, I’m given a box containing sample sizes of everything we’ve used today and a few little extras (Matte Royals lipstick anyone?) to experiment with at home.

Try it out for yourselves Voyeurs, its makeup, it’s personal and bespoke to you, whether it’s a natural, barely there look, or a bold, heavy made up look that you prefer, MAC’s expert Makeup Artists are there to help and advise.  All counter services are bookable at a cost which is redeemable against products so think of it like this, if you know you were going there to buy a product, why not book a service anyway?

And with that little gem, I bid you goodnight….

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Pixie xo

I visited the MAC counter at House of Fraser Intu Metrocentre and was given a complimentary Makeup in 60 Minutes service which costs £55.  MAC Party is available at selected stores only and is bookable at this store by calling 0370 192 5043



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