A Brand New Era for British Vogue

Since Alexandra Shulman announced her intention to step down from the helm of British Vogue earlier this year, speculation has been rife about who might take over, with the media touting names from inside the house of Vogue and Condé Nast as possible successors.  This week however, Condé Nast International Chairman and Chief Executive Jonathan Newhouse, announced Shulman’s successor and it’s not one you’ll have been expecting…..

Step forward Edward Enninful, Creative Director at cult favourite W magazine.  Enninful has held the helm at W Magazine since 2011 where he has overseen some of the biggest fashion shoots you know and love.  A former model (albeit briefly), Enninful worked as a Fashion Editor at I-D magazine in his early fashion career and as a Stylist with a particular talent for creating memorable shots with some of the biggest names in fashion.  Today he’s preparing to become the first male Editor to take over what is arguably the biggest fashion magazine in the world.

Enninful is undoubtedly one of the biggest powerhouses in fashion, ever.  Where Shulman’s classic style became a stalwart within the pages of British Vogue heralding it as a constant, reliable powerhouse, Enninful has a knack for creating impactful, unexpected images which remain relevant as art, whilst appearing avant garde.  It’s a huge shift for British Vogue and as much as I love and admire Shulman for what she achieved with the fashion bible, it’s a much needed change of direction for the magazine given the age of social media we live in, and a desire for imagery that shocks and divides opinion.

The coveted position at British Vogue is not one that comes around often, around every quarter century in fact, and is not one to be entered into lightly.  It’s known and accepted that the person at the helm of the British institution that is Vogue magazine, becomes the chief spokesperson for the entire fashion industry meaning that strong character, a commanding presence and an insane knowledge of the industry are all essentials for success.  Enninful definitely fits the brief.  With an army of famous friends and influential fashion figures, there’s every chance that Vogue is about to be taken on the ride of its 100 year history.

“I grew up reading British Vogue, I am so honoured and humbled to be taking up the mantle of editor, I realise that I am stepping into the shoes of a hugely respected Editor in the shape of Alexandra Shulman, someone who has chosen to leave at the top of their game with a legacy of 25 years of success. I look forward to continuing to produce an exciting beautiful magazine for its readers.”  Edward Enninful

With the magazine entering a transitional phase which will see Enninful and Shulman working together to complete the handover, Enninful will take over fully as Editor of British Vogue on August 1st.  Get ready Voyeurs, Vogue magazine is about to enter a cocoon and emerge a brand new, edgier butterfly…..

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