Beyonce’s Surprise Lemonade Anniversary Collection


Its been one whole year since Beyonce released Lemonade, the visual album that brought the music, and fashion worlds to their knees.  A world tour followed, accompanied by a range of merchandise to make you week at the knees, “Boy, Bye” became a thing and we discovered that “I got Hot Sauce in my bag, swag” wasn’t an indication of Bey’s favourite type of Nandos, it’s the name of the baseball bat she carries in the Hold Up promo.  I know, mind. Blown.

One year later, Jay Z is still looking meek every time the pair are snapped together and we’re all still wondering who “Becky with the good hair” is.  The biggest change on planet Bey Z though?  That hot mama is cooking up twins ready to drop later this year, just like her next album no doubt (poor Blue Ivy, it sucks being the oldest sibling).

To mark the anniversary of Lemonade, there’s a surprise new range of merch featuring the slogans the record has become famous for and they’re available to buy right now from Beyonce’s self named website.  Everything ships from the States with a $15 shipping charge so if you’re ordering, club together with a friend to save on shipping, or do what I did and just order everything……

Pixie xo

Here are my favourites from the collection:

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