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Amanda Bell Elite Makeup Studio

May 15, 2017

Applying makeup isn’t just an art, it’s a god damn science.

In fact, no longer reserved just for celebrities, it’s become perfectly normal for regular people like you and I to employ the services of a Makeup Artist or Makeup Studio for a special occasion, in order to get that red carpet look and flawless finish.  But what if, you could have the best of both worlds?  Hear me out Voyeurs, I’m talking Makeup Artist techniques and a flawless, Insta-worthy finish, using your own makeup kit.  Piqued your interest?  Then read on….

Amanda Bell is an Elite Makeup Artist and I guarantee that whilst you might not know her name (yet), you most definitely know her work.  Head Makeup Artist for eight years at The BAFTAs and a regular behind the scenes of some of the biggest London Fashion Week shows, Amanda Bell is responsible for creating some jaw dropping beauty looks.  With Goldie Hawn, Sienna Miller and Emilia Fox amongst her clients and a wealth of expertise in beauty, it was only a matter of time before a Makeup Studio followed.  It’s all good and well having high profile and celebrity clients, but what really fascinates Bell, is the everyday woman; the woman who gets up in the morning and does the school run before nipping to Tesco, the woman who suits up for her role as a company executive, the 16 year old experimenting with makeup and still discovering her look.  Bell thrives on this, on helping women like you and I and that’s the aim of her latest self named business in Teesside.  I went along to the VIP launch of Amanda Bell Elite Makeup Studio to find out what you can expect from this brand new venture.

“Over the past 20 years I’ve worked in very high profile, high octane environments and I’ve loved that, but I’ve realised this is what really makes me tick; makeup for real women who want to look and feel amazing in real life.  Women can get stuck in being the best version of themselves – stuck in the time they felt most beautiful and don’t move on years later – and I can teach them that with makeup they can create the best of themselves at any given age.”  Amanda Bell, Elite Makeup Artist

After thinking long and hard about setting up a dedicated makeup studio, Bell found premises in Constance House, Norton and tells me she “just knew it was right” the first time she viewed the loft space above the Christian Alexander boutique on the picturesque high street.  After some renovation and a little styling, the space has been set up to cater for up to six clients at a time, with six individual makeup stations complete with illuminated mirrors each furnished with cotton pads, q-tips and spoolie brushes.  Utilising as much natural light as possible from the dormer window, the studio is bright and most importantly, very instagrammable.  The decor is simple but effective, from the mirrored dresser in the window topped with candle votives that spell out “Amanda Bell” to the family photographs hung with pride in the waiting area, everything in the studio has been well planned and well thought out.

The similarity with other makeup studios ends there.  Whilst Bell is still perfectly set up to cater for her regular bridal parties, batchelorette parties and even teen birthday parties, the real reason for this particular set up is her Makeup Masterclasses.  Having been trained by some of the best makeup artists in the industry including Gucci Westman, Fred Farrugia and Ross Burton, Bell wants to pass on some of those lessons and inspire women to fall in love with makeup and be confident in using it.

“Women spend so much money on makeup and brushes, they bring them home and then don’t know what to do with them and it can be such a waste of money!  I want to teach women how to use and love their own makeup by giving step by step demonstrations and personal one on one coaching, using their own products as far as possible.”

The idea is that you book your place, rock up with your kit and learn how to make your makeup bag work for you in any given scenario.  Whether it’s getting to grip with the basics, or prepping for a family wedding, each masterclass aims to equip you with the skills and techniques needed to create a signature look that you can then recreate at home again and again.   With a suite of five masterclasses to choose from all lasting 2.5 hours and priced at £75 per person, there’s something for everyone from the makeup-phobic, to the devout makeup lover:


Learn how to create the perfect canvas for your makeup with techniques to smooth and enhance your features, perfectly colour match your base, and add radiance to your skin.


Master essential, basic makeup techniques to get the best out of your complexion, eyes and lips.  Focusing on creating a beautifully achievable look for every day.


Learn how to create show stopping, mesmerising eyes and the secrets behind perfect liner and lash application.


Look your best at any age.  Learn how to maximise your makeup potential, identify and accentuate your assets.


Learn how to look like the star of your own red carpet with techniques to add dimension to your entire makeup look giving you a perfectly polished result.

I’m booked on to The Essentials Masterclass and I’m hoping to pick up some tips on creating the perfect base and killer highlight and I can’t wait to tell you all about what I learned!

Pixie xo

To book a place on any of the above master classes, or a one to one session with Amanda Bell, email sessions are strictly by appointment only.


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