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KKW Beauty

July 7, 2017

Kim Kardashian West has lent her name to so many products, whether it’s the controversial EoS lip balm, or the equally controversial Fit Tea, it’s pretty obvious that a Kim Kardashian West endorsement is worth big bucks to any brand.  Given that her youngest half siblings are spearheading Jenneration X with their self titled projects and exploits, it seems difficult to believe that Kimmy has steered clear of doing the same.

We all know that Kylie Jenner has been pretty much solely responsible for the rise in patients seeking lip augmentation procedures, despite denying her use of lip filler for years upon years.  None of which seems to have scarred her reputation as she now owns and runs one of the most profitable beauty businesses in the world, based primarily on a lip package called the Kylie Jenner Lip Kit.  Something that sky rocketed from day one and remains the most coveted item on the beauty market across a range of ages, and also the most frequently counterfeited.  Being the youngest of the Kardashian/Jenner Klan, Kylie knows a thing or two about the power of her sisters’ celebrity and roped in Khloe and Kim for a cameo appearance and feature as part of two limited edition Lip Kit collections named Koko and KKW respectively.  Both of which sold out in minutes.

Never one to miss a trick, in the days following the hugely successful collaboration, Kim registered the name KKW Beauty as a trademark, hinting at a stand alone collection under her own name.  Sure enough, a short teaser campaign followed, an Instagram account for KKW Beauty was created which within a day had amassed a 350k strong following and a whole bunch of non affiliated fake accounts.  With millennial pink as the brand’s hue of choice, the days ticked down on a pretty pink Instagram grid, hinting at what was to come.  Three days prior to launch, followers were treated to pictures of what critics called a “blacked up” Kim – something which was accused of being a deliberate attempt to generate publicity and highlight the product range – Kim apologised for the campaign pictures and claimed she’d learned from an innocent mistake.  KKW Beauty doubled its following and the product range was released, only to sell out completely in 2 minutes. TWO GODDAMN MINUTES VOYEURS!

Now I don’t own anything from the collection, I received the press release and I’ve got to admit, I rolled my eyes.  However, looking over the website and associated products, I was actually intrigued. This is a woman who has built her career off the back of a (pretty poor) sex tape, and the disproportionate size of her ass.  She created a shift in how we look at our bodies and made it ok to be bottom heavy, not just ok, but desirable, super fuckable even.  We’re looking at a woman who not only exploited the celebrity system, but turned it on its head and despite the origins of her celebrity status being somewhat questionable, you kind of have to applaud just how far she’s come, and the influence she has.  Remember, this is a woman who has made millions of dollars from a simple app in which she features as an animated avatar.  She’s quick to react and in this day and age, that means she’s super bankable.

In terms of her latest venture, the KKW Beauty collection is simple enough and consists of two mainline products in various shades.  The KKW Creme Liquid Lipstick Kit (cheaper than Kylie’s counterpart) and the KKW Creme Contour & Highlight Kit, after all Kim is responsible for the influx of highlight and contour kits brought to market by established beauty brands.  Why shouldn’t she cash in on a market she helped to create?  That technique you use to sculpt your cheekbones and slim your nose?  All down to Kim Kardashian West.  That little trick for reflecting the light off your brow bone?  Yup you guessed it, that’s another one from Kim’s arsenal.  They may have been used by makeup artists for years, but Kim made it mainstream.

So whilst I started off skeptical, I’m now actually pretty fascinated, admittedly more about how a woman who engineered a whole new genre within the already overcrowded cosmetics market managed to be so hugely successful.  Whether that’s down to the products, the presentation, or the fact that whatever this woman endorses goes stratospheric, I’m not sure.  What I am sure of is that this collection has been designed to last.  In a market that bases its trends on people like Kim Kardashian West, why shouldn’t she be in the driving seat of her own brand?  She has as many fiercely loyal followers as she does haters – both equally as interested in keeping up to date with Kim’s exploits and that’s big business Voyeurs.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not a loyal follower, nor am I a hater, I’m intrigued by Kim and what she’s done to turn around the perception of women in the media for xennials like myself, generation X, and millennials.  I didn’t buy anything from her collection, nor did I try, but after reading the press release and doing a bit of research, I’m definitely more interested now, plus, I do own a Tom Ford Shade & Illuminate Contour Kit so I’ve definitely fallen under her influence, even if it was unwittingly.  If the collection is restocked and happens to be in stock when I’m browsing, I’ll admit that I’d buy it, out of curiosity and intrigue more than anything else  but a sale’s a sale Voyeurs and that’s part of the beauty of the Kim Kardashian West business model.

Pixie xo


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  1. Laura says:

    I love this and I absolutely think KKW is the ultimate influencer. She’s amassed everything from nothing. She’s an amazing marketer and I totally love their business model. Think I like this collection more than the Kylie Lip Kit but that’s because I don’t like Kylie I think she’s a brat!

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