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Primark’s Bee-autiful Transition Shoe

July 30, 2017

Stop everything Voyeurs, I’ve found the perfect shoe to get you through the transition between seasons, and it’s not a heel!  You know by now that I love heels, in fact I have a collection to rival Imelda Marcos and maybe even put her to shame.  I have boxes and boxes of shoes in the attic and garage and six shoe closets.  I know, pretty cool/crazy right?!  I bloody love a statement heel, anything a little out of the ordinary, you’ll never catch me in a plain old court shoe, even a Pigalle or a So Kate is too boring for me (soz Louboutin, still friends ok? – call me….)

I’m a big fan of a sneaker too, my sneaker collection is one that I’m proud of, I’ve built it up over the years and it’s made up of everything from Reebok classic high tops and essential Stan Smiths, to more obtuse pieces like Batman and Joker opposition Chuck Taylors and Chanel quilted high tops, I have some pretty amazing bespoke pieces that Nike crafted for me from their archive too.  It’s a pretty awesome collection if I do say so myself.  Anyway, we’re not here to talk about heels or sneakers….

So, the transition between Summer and fall is often a tricky one when it comes to footwear.  If you’re in the UK you’ve probably confined your sandals to the closet and looked longingly at them on occasion wondering if the rain will hold off long enough for you to showcase your new pedicure.  It probably didn’t.  But on the other hand, it’s way too soon for boots and tights. The shops are starting to look to FW17 and eek in the new trends as the last remnants of SS17 sit on the shelves contemplating their uber short life span.  What do you do when you’re at that in between stage?  A ballet flat? A sneaker? A loafer?  Any of these work, (if you said flip flop then log out, take your device back to the store and tell them you’re not fit to own it or have access to the internet.)  But there’s something way better out there, and it’s available right now!

I’ve found you the perfect transitional shoe that works with jeans, cigarette pants, dresses and skirts.  they come in two colours, teal green and boring black, they’re velvet AND they have embroidery.  With this many trends in just two shoes you’re expecting a hefty pricetag right?  Well get this Voyeurs, these little beauties are £8 from good old Primark who are coming up trumps with their Luxe range and new team of trend designers (more on that next time).  Check out these gems….

Bee-autiful right?!  These Bee-auties are on shelves in selected Primark stores right now and at £8 they won’t ‘sting’ you either!  Ok I’ll stop with the bee jokes now…  Seriously though, these shoes get a tick in the box for being on trend, they’re flat and so completely manageable, glam enough to wear for a night out and above all else, they’re actually comfortable.  One thing, as with all Primark flats, when you get them home from the store and you’ve checked they fit and you’re definitely keeping them, rub the front section of the soles with some Wet and Dry sand paper.  Primark flats are notoriously slippy and this helps to give them a little grip, you don’t have to go hell for leather with it, just rough them up a bit to take off the shiny coating.

Now, all that’s left to do is get to Primark, get these in your basket, then get them on your feet and wait for the admiring glances.  You’re welcome Voyeurs…

Pixie xo



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