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Kendall & Kylie Launch Lingerie Collection with Topshop

October 10, 2017

Those headline grabbing Jenner sisters are back at it with another Topshop collaboration only this time they’ve moved in to the lingerie arena.  In a move that will surprise nobody, they’ve put their name to a capsule collection of smalls that look very like the regular Topshop lingerie line with some very minor tweaks.

From front fastening racerback triangle bras (which are actually really cute), to some weird boxer style shorts, and I’m talking Anthony Joshua boxer, not your bf’s pants, the collection is small and not quite perfectly formed.  The teaser campaign is perfectly positioned to show off Kendall’s brand new lips but it’s been lazily shot as it contains just three images of the same clothing set which look like they were captured in the same frame.

The collection itself actually launched to a way quieter fanfare than expected, more of a whisper in fact, perhaps due to Kendall’s weirdly freefalling modelling career after a very odd choice of campaigns throughout 2017 – absence from the 2017 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show roster duly noted.

Kylie is conspicuous by her absence, obvs because she’s growing a tiny human inside her and no Kardashian / Jenner  / Hybrid ever bares their body without it being vetted for perfection first.  Don’t panic Voyeurs, I suspect the moment that the youngest Jenner sister’s vagina is stitched back up to Kardashian perfection, we’ll be seeing a LOT more of her.

So the collection, is it any good?  Well some of it is, but some of it is just plain odd.  The racerback bras, which granted are part of the core lingerie collection from Topshop are aces, the cobalt colourway is current and the shape is super flattering so click on the image and throw one in your basket.

The weird mesh stuff though?  Yeah, that hit a bum note with me, it’s not flattering and nor is it sexy.  It’s loose and not form fitting for a start and whilst it’s intended to show everything, the thick seams are on display which gives a messy finish.  In essence it’s a pretty cool idea, but one that’s been executed poorly.  Take a look and judge for yourself.

Ready for more?  I can sense you’re liking this aren’t you you little devil?!  Well there are actually some cute and pretty functional muted pink pieces which pepper the collection, when I say functional, I mean for those of us in my camp who have smaller than average bust sizes, anything over a D cup is gonna struggle with this range.

There are a few ballet inspired pieces which stand out in this collection, the body is sure to be a flagship piece in the collection as it’s way cuter than gross nude, but just as invisible under clothing, should you choose to hide it.

So, that’s the collection in a Jenner lined nutshell, well half a Jenner lined nutshell….. wanna shop it?  Of course you do, those Jenner girls don’t get paid to sit around and look pretty do they?  Oh wait….

Click here to view and shop the full collection.

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