The Best Accessories for your Winter outfit

Winter outfits are more on the practical side than they are the stylish side, but that doesn’t mean they can’t look good whilst keeping us warm and cosy!  Here’s couple of accessories that work for any Winter look you want to perfect during this super cold season.

The Staple Scarf

No true cosy Winter outfit is complete without a scarf.  Fact.  They’re warm, toasty and are super versatile, I use mine as a blanket when I’m tucked up inside watching TV in the Winter.  Grab a super fashionable wide scarf and not only do they look awesome but they keep your whole upper half warm, there are some great options on the high street for thicker, wider scarves right now.  We know that we lose most of our body’s heat from our head and upper body but sometimes only a skinny scarf will do.  If you’re werking the mod look then a thin scarf is essential whether it’s Winter or Summer.

Oversized scarves, regardless of whether they’re a chunky cable knit or a sparkly flannel version complete with tassels, work well with pretty much any outfit.  When you have blanket like scarfs such as the Aritzia Meaux Blanket Scarfmax out on the CPW (Cost Per Wear) by smugly parading it as a blanket in Neros or at your desk at work.

A Chunky, Woolly Hat

Woolly hats and beanies are awesome no matter what the season, (I’m often seen working out in the gym in my commando beanie), in the colder months grab one with a low or roll up brim to give your ears that extra layer of insulation.  At this time of year all the best styles hit the highstreet so whether you wear your favourite sports team, or favour something with a little sparkle, or even one that comes with its own ears, you’ll find the best selection in November and December.

Still chilly?  Throw on a pair of ear muffs to really block out the cold, extra points for faux fur this season.

Cosy Gloves

Any fellow Raynauds sufferers out there will know that in Winter, gloves are King.  I like to wear motorcycle liners and either leather or suede gloves on top as they seem to brace out the cold better than woolly offerings.  Marks and Spencer have some gorgeous leather gloves but they’re upwards of £20 and if you’re anything like me and lose them all the time, head to Primark to pick up something similar for around £7-£9.

Pop on a Watch

Winter is that difficult time of year where the night rolls in at around 3 in the afternoon making the days shorter and the evenings longer and really obscuring our sense of time – well definitely for me anyway!  Yes, I have my cellphone permanently glued to my hand but I amaze myself at how little attention I pay to the glaringly obvious clock in the corner of the screen.  So, I always have a trust wristwatch with me.  Choose one with a leather strap and you get the added bonus of a sliver of extra warmth and remind you when it’s time to hit the road for the school run.

Check out for some great offers – my top tip when buying a wristwatch is to shun fashion brands and always trust a watchmaking brand such as Omega, Tag, or Raymond Weil etc.  Fashion watches from houses such as Gucci etc put their money into branding and aesthetics rather than into components.  Yes, they might look pretty but they definitely won’t last forever!  Same goes for when you need a battery, service or repair, give JV a try as they offer a repair service, and can cover some of the more difficult Omega watch services that are often tricky to source on the high street.

So, now you’re equipped with a shopping list of Winter accessories to see you though even the coldest days which is handy as I hear there’s snow on the way….

Pixie xo

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