Amy Thomson FW18 at London Fashion Week

London Fashion Week is where the eclectics come out to play, it’s where we see some of the best emerging design talent in the world and were some of the most innovative designs are showcased.  For FW18 designer and illustrator Amy Thomson launched her collection ‘Chasin’ Dreams’ inspired by youthful aspirations.  Each look in the collection presents a character based on a profession seen from the perspective of a child.  Thomson poses the question – what does a Princess, Baker and Hairdresser look like through a child’s unaffected eyes?  How are these career paths defined in the mind of a child without any preconceptions?  Love pink?  Get ready for a whole load of it as Amy Thomson’s FW18 presentation is an Instagram dream…

“Telling a narrative and connecting with an audience is very important to myself as a designer.  ‘Chasin’ Dreams’ is based on real muses, real stories and my own and there is no story truer than the one you are living.”  Amy Thomson.

Thomson has created eight complete looks that embody a magical almost fairytale aesthetic, bringing to life the idea of focusing on your dreams.  She creates this magical feel with her larger-than-life hand rendered drawings that hold a distinctive and charming naivety, ensuring no two garments are the same. With dreamlike prints, motifs and her signature illustrations referencing each character appear throughout the narrative of the collection.

The tone for the season is undeniably pink. Thomson has concentrated on using a predominately and traditionally feminine colour palette, featuring fuchsias, baby pinks and vibrant rose contrasting with royal blues and lilacs.  Her use of contrasting and unusual textures can be seen throughout and this serves to add to the playful, otherworldly feel of the collection.  The metallic leather is a particular highlight and something I kinda feel like I need in my life for next season.

The collection is littered with ribbons, bows and frills giving a three dimensional feel to each piece and the addition of headwear pieces designed in collaboration with headwear designer Katie Hamlett of Sassy Freak, sees the accessories really form a part of the whole ensemble.  FW18 sees the addition of printed scarves, motif tights and embellished handbags elevate the clothing beyond that of a collection, to the creation of an imaginary world reminiscent of a dreamscape.

Given that this is only Thomson’s second collection (her first was shown at Graduate Fashion Week) she’s establishing herself within a niche of formidable talent currently dominated by Billie Jacobina.  Personally I’m intrigued by this designer fascinated by the whimsical and am looking forward to seeing how the collection is received by the industry and what could be in store for SS19, this is one label that’s right up my street.

Pixie xo

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