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Novellus Aesthetics Clinic Expansion

July 24, 2018

Fresh off the back of his ‘Highly Commended’ accolade at the 2018 Safety in Beauty Awards, Dr Steven Land is working on his next big project; a clinic expansion for Novellus Aesthetics and a brand new arm of the business for new and existing patients and clients, but more on that later….

For those of you who don’t know, Novellus Aesthetics is a North East born business providing doctor led aesthetic treatments such as Botox, dermal filler and lip filler, alongside results driven facial treatments.  The important part of that sentence?  Doctor Led.  You no doubt already know the potential dangers of seeking injectable treatment on the high-street and I can’t stress how important it is to make sure any aesthetic treatment is carried out by a medical professional, if you want to know more about why, or how to select a practitioner then read this post.

Ok so, the Novellus Aesthetics expansion…

After 12 months of working from a small clinic room in 1 Benton Terrace (a hub for small businesses in Jesmond) and a year of perfecting pouts new and old, Dr Land is taking Novellus Aesthetics to new heights with the addition of a brand new, bigger and better equipped studio clinic; and the launch of Novellus Beauty.  The new clinic is a self contained studio room in the same building, which has been designed to give you the perfect experience from start to finish.

Presented in shades of grey and white, it offers a consultation area which doubles up as a waiting area for patients who come prepared with chaperones to hand hold.  In a nod to the industry, the sofas are decked with cushions in the shape of plump red lips.  It’s a big, spacious room that feels as stylish as a medical environment can.  Because the room has been designed for purpose by Dr Land himself, you’ll find all of the things associated with aesthetic clinics up and down the country, a fridge to keep product fresh, a cupboard to hold stock, a sink because hygiene, a cabinet filled with recommended home use products and obvs THE CHAIR.  Aside from the necessary equipment to do the job to the highest standard, the room itself is minimalist and uses every aspect effectively, the seating area is in front of the window and fragranced locally produced candles.  Painted on the wall and bathed in natural light from the window, is a huge set of angel wings which, on closer inspection, are tinged with silver glitter through the tips.  As far as photo opportunities go, this one is pretty damn good and patients are encouraged to unleash their inner Victoria’s Secret Angel and share their pictures to Instagram following treatment or review appointments.

So, does a better clinic room mean better treatment?  Well, no.  You get the same five star treatment that Novellus Aesthetics have always offered patients, but now you’re in a fresher, more comfortable environment.  In a time where people literally live their lives through Instagram and FaceBook, it makes sense for Novellus Aesthetics to cater to that; the room is undoubtedly slick and current.  It’s definitely clinical, but it’s clean, confident and welcoming, and that’s about as much as you can ask for from someone who’s about to stick needles in your face; that, and a giant pair of angel wings.

In addition to aesthetic treatment, the business will offer beauty treatments in the room next door.  Novellus Beauty, delivered by Beauty Therapist Lucy Adair, will offer a suite of treatments requested by Aesthetic patients over the years including lash extensions, facials, deep tissue massage and HD Brows.  It just makes sense to offer the surface treatments which compliment the superficial treatments and with hair, beauty, aesthetic and personal training businesses all operating out of the same hub, 1 Benton Terrace is becoming something of a mecca for self improvement.



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