Versace, The Remix

Milan Fashion Week is a power house event that brings with it shows from the Italian fashion heavyweights; step up Versace.  You know what you’re in for with Versace; off the chain, head turning glamour with the sex appeal cranked up to ten, and this show gave us just that…… with a remix.

Backstage I saw Karlie Kloss being prepped for the show, her blonde hair mussed up into a sexy, relaxed bed head look, a strong dark eye and nude lip, a look that dripped with sex appeal.

IMG_1799 IMG_0582 IMG_0589 IMG_0579

What’s black and red all over??  The Versace show set, that’s what.  huge, spectacular and adorned with the “Greek” logo synonymous with Versace.  The atmosphere inside was buzzy, and one of extreme anticipation.

IMG_0588 IMG_0587 IMG_0593

Pre-show, Donatella Versace said of the collection, “it’s bold, it’s fearless, it’s primary colours, It’s as if a DJ took the letters of Versace and gave them a remix” and that’s exactly right.  We saw strong primary colour blocking, head to toe, think vivid red and sunshine yellow and you’re on the right track.  Thigh high boots met the hems of high collared capes and the accessories were given just as much attention as the main line with colour co-ordinated sunglasses, belts and bags completing each outfit.

In terms of main eras of influence, this season designers seem to be in one of two camps; the 70’s or the 90’s.  Versace is firmly in the 90’s camp, one look at the aesthetic of the collection and that much is clear.  Sweaters unashamedly emblazoned with logos and prints made up of the Greek were key in this collection.

IMG_0604 IMG_0605 IMG_0621 IMG_0590 IMG_0622

Karlie Kloss and Natasha Poly took to the runway in mini-dresses reminiscent of a Google Doodle complete with hashtags.  The palette was simple, bold primary colours with a heavy dose of black with a little shimmer thrown in for good measure.  Killer details completed this look and if we were in any doubt whose show we were watching, Karlie’s earrings spelled it out for us.

IMG_0600 IMG_0598 IMG_0616 IMG_0620

As we all know, Donatella has a unique flair when it comes to glamour, (who could forget the half trouser half dress worn by Jennifer Lopez last year) and as reliable as ever, there were polished pieces here too with signature cut-outs and thigh high splits.  There’s no doubt this was an eye-catching but somewhat “safe” collection from Versace but either way, it’s one that’s got Versace written all over it.

Pixie x

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