– it’s almost ready……

I’ve been in and out of photoshoots and fashion events for the past month and continuing to post on this site but I’m pleased to say that my new home: is almost ready!

If you’re a follower or reader and you want to keep following then stay tuned for updates or bookmark the new address now and you’ll never miss another post!  I’ll be bringing across all of the posts from this current domain and storing them in an archive on the new site so if there’s something there that you enjoyed reading, then please, show me some love when the new site is live!

Can’t wait to see you all over there and bring you more of what you love, in the meantime if there’s anything you’d love to see more of, then hit me up at with a request, use the feedback form below, or if you’re a WordPress Blogger then leave it in the comments and I’ll do my best to write it into the new site.  A few people have requested a gallery of my outfits with details of where the items are from so I’m working on that.

For now though keep reading, keep letting me know what you’re enjoying and I’ll let you know when it’s Go Time!

Pixie x



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