Converse Chuck Taylor All Stars – The Sequel

Anyone worth their stripes has at least one pair of Converse Chuck Taylor All Star’s in their arsenal  – and if you’re anything like me, that figure could reach the high 20’s.  It’s a simple formula that hasn’t gone out of fashion with everyone from Kendall Jenner to Madonna adopting them as their off duty go to.

Since 1917 the basic Chuck Taylor sneaker has remained true to its original design and the manufacturing method has remained largely the same – until now.

“Since its debut in 1917, the Chuck Taylor All Star has become one of the world’s most celebrated sneakers, with fans, artists and musicians adopting the brand as a badge of creativity and self-expression,” said  Converse. “The Chuck Taylor All Star II is designed to meet the demands of the creative lifestyle and is built for the next generation of self-expression.”

Nike – who bought the brand in 2003, have given the classic All Star line a comfort overhaul without compromising the original design.

A sole liner has been added to cushion the wearer’s feet and provide arch support using Nike’s Lunarlon foam material, which has been a key feature in a number of its most successful recent basketball shoe designs, padding has been added to the collar and a perforated alcantara lining has been added to wick away sweat – so far so good.

“The Chuck Taylor All Star is one of the most legendary and iconic sneakers of all time.  The launch of Chuck II is a ground-breaking moment for Converse as we continue to move the brand forward through creativity and innovation, ushering in not just a new sneaker, but a completely new way of thinking.” – Jim Calhoun, President & CEO, Converse.

As a firm favourite on the street style circuit, recent years have seen Converse collaborating with Missoni, Maison Margiela and Oscar Niemeyer for their take on the classic sneaker, all snapped up by the Style Brigade and displayed in all their Valencia washed glory on Instagram.  Now with Nike taking control of the comfort arena, it seems you can have your cake and eat it folks – and by that, I obviously mean you can wear your All Stars without a stack of Compeed on standby.

Pixie x

The redesigned Chuck Taylor All Stars II launched today in black, red, blue and white.

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