Will McQueen be on the new £20 note?

The short answer is – it’s a distinct possibility.

In May this year, the Bank of England began its first two month consultation period with the public in order to determine which historical cultural visionary will be immortalised on the next twenty pound note.

 “I am delighted with the number of nominations we have received, and appreciative of the public’s engagement in this new initiative. The fact that so many visual artists have been put forward underlines the extent of British achievement in the visual arts and reinforces why this field deserves to be recognised on the next £20 note.” – Victoria Cleland, Chief Cashier, Bank of England.

Public voting opened in late May this year with McQueen amongst the favourites to win at 8-1 in a poll conducted by Ladbrokes.  With voting having closed at midnight on July 19th, the ultimate deciding vote is now in the hands of Mark Carney, Governor of the Bank of England.


The chosen character will be announced in spring 2016, alongside a concept image showing the portrait as it will appear on the note. The new £20 note is expected to enter circulation in 2020 – which would mark ten years since the designer’s untimely death.

“Banknotes are the principal way the Bank of England engages with the British public, these sparse pieces of paper from the 17th century have developed over the years to become the small works of art that are in everyone’s wallets. There are a wealth of individuals within the field of visual arts whose work shaped British thought, innovation, leadership, values and society and who continue to inspire people today. I greatly look forward to hearing from the public who they would like to celebrate.” – Mark Carney, Governor, Bank of England.
Now all we have to do is sit and wait, with the result announced in Spring 2016, it may be that we’re looking at a new era of McQueen and with so many iconic moments in fashion history, isn’t it about time?
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