Please Stand By….

You may have noticed a drop off in posts recently and there’s a very frustrating reason for that….

On July 9th I left the wonderful and amazing TalkTalk to move to the not wonderful or amazing BT for broadband, TV and regular phonecalls.  I’ll be honest, it’s a pretty short story, I’m still waiting for broadband 21 days later.

So dear Voyeurs, BT is crippling me and I’m feeling both the pain and the strain (and the hit on my Chanel purse after the fourth Engineer left screws all over my drive puncturing two runflat tyres).  But….. I’m assured that the BT Engineer visiting on Monday will rectify the issue, after all, he’s only the eighth Engineer to attend about the problem…..

I’ll keep you posted*…..

Pixie x

* Assuming my broadband is working Grrrr!

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