Let’s Talk Hair….

Ok, random post I know but I figure if I put this on record then it’s sewed into the fabric of time and I’ll be committed to whatever I write….

So, you all know I hammer my hair, with bleach, colour, flat irons, heat, you name it, if it’s a method of processing then it’s likely to have been somewhere near my hair and left its mark. Recently more than ever – entirely my fault as I’m obsessed with changing up my style but it really has taken its toll.  So much so in fact that I’m going to have to do something very, very drastic. *Sadface*

You’re familiar with my hair by now right?  Pretty long, highlighted blonde, very thick and coarse yada, yada, yada….  well fast forward to today and it’s a thin dry mess that resembles split straw and often on a morning looks a bit like a haystack.  Thinning out at the bottom from too much bleach and snapping all over from over processing and styling, in fact, Sparky told me recently that it looks like two hairstyles, one on top of the other :-/

Ok.  So my options, which are limited, are:

  1. Shave my head.  Obviously in my head I’d look urban cool like Charlize Theron in Fury Road but in reality?  Probs not so much.  Moving on….
  2. Drastic chop, I’m thinking a cute little Sienna Miller type bob, obvs in my head I’ll be leaving the salon looking exactly like Sienna Miller, face, body, hair and all, but in reality?  Probs not so much.  (But I would have good hair…)
  3. Leave it and struggle on.  Not really an option as I’ve been told by my nearest and dearest that I look horrendous and as a Fashionista I should remedy that…..

Soooooo…..  It’s got to be Option 2 right?  Cute little Sienna Miller bob, which means lopping off A LOT of hair, granted it’s hair you couldn’t give away for wigs it’s so bad but it’s still a lot and it’s like a security blanket to me.  Eek.  Hence the post, I HATE having my hair cut, so much so I close my eyes and will myself not to cry whilst it’s happening and I often don’t follow through with my intentions so, If i put it out there, you guys can hold me accountable right?  And as you can see from the lead image above, I’ve given the Faux Bob a try and I’m not crying in that picture….

Just to give you an idea of what we’re looking at, in a matter of weeks, I’m hoping to go from this:

To this:

Well #Voyeurs, it’s out there now, which I believe means I have a legal obligation to deliver on my promise right?  Unless any persons here present know of any lawful reason why I should not lop off at least six inches of my precious hair….?  Anyone….?

Answers on a postcard, or just in a comment, but you’ll have to be quick – my appointment is booked……

Pixie x

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