Moschino Makes Housework Look Chic

Every season there’s a Holy Grail item that accompanies the Moschino Milan Fashion Week show and this year Jeremy Scott has come up trumps.  In the past we’ve had the Golden Arches iPhone cover, the Barbie mirror iPhone accessory and who could forget the super cute teddy bear?  This year however, Scott has stepped into desperate housewife territory….

Always bringing novelty to the mainstream, Scott used a number of typically boring and mundane items in his SS16 show for the Italian fashion house including traffic cones, feather dusters and carwash brushes but the one look which set off the show was the Windex look.  Worn by Bella Hadid, that familiar cerulean blue was unmistakeable through both fabric and make up and with one star turn the Desperate Housewife / Manic Stepford Wife look was born.

Recurring throughout the collection and of course into the now infamous Moschino goodie bag, the Windex motif was daubed on to next years must have accessory – the Windex iPhone cover, and as with previous seasons, a new fragrance was unveiled. Simply titled Fresh, the perfect fit for the quirky glass Windex bottle, and with an accompanying campaign shot by Steven Meisel starring none other that nineties supermodel Linda Evangelista depicted as a dreamy, dazed housewife in a baby blue robe with matching make up. (Lead campaign image above).

It’s fun, camp and oh so Moschino, you’ll remember that Evangelista fronted Scott’s first campaign for Moschino in FW2014 when we were first treated to those Golden Arches, well she looks way more at home in SS16.


I’ve no idea what Fresh smells like but I certainly remember being a fan of Windex as a child so I reckon I’ll give it a go….

Pixie x

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