Balmain x H&M The Collection

First we had the standout pieces from Balmain x H&M on the red carpet during the big announcement of the collaboration, then we were treated to THAT knockout campaign featuring Gigi, Kendall, Jourdan and a male model who looks eerily like Olivier Rousteing,

But now there’s this….. If you’re a fashion lover and you’ve logged in to Instagram or twitter today, the chances are that you’ll know the 99 piece Balmain x H&M collection was leaked this morning by Kathryn Swartz Rees.  Rees claim that she simply used Google at the right time to find the full collection via H&M’s mainframe website and was able to download the images to her phone before uploading the full collection to Instagram.

Hacked or clever marketing ploy?  Whichever it is there’s no doubt it’s done wonders for H&M as interest in the collection is stellar, it’s the top trending tagline across social media platforms and the images have been shared and reshaped millions of times already.

“I want to talk to my generation: this is my main aim as a designer.” – Olivier Rousteing.

Featuring the strong military vibe and embellishment we’ve come to expect from Balmain, the collection is strong and looks set to be H&M’s best designer collaboration yet and with anticipation growing daily, they’ll be queueing round the block for this one.

Sharpen your elbows guys and gals and get amongst it; the collection drops online and in 250 selected larger stores (unfortunately none of them in the North East) on November 5th.

Pixie x

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