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Well #Voyeurs, I only went and blinking done it…… I made an appointment to get my hair cut, and I kept it!

As you know, I’ve had some hair troubles recently, you only have to read my recent hair related post to feel my pain.  Basically, too much bleach, heat and over processing left my tresses in a bad way and in desperate need of quite a drastic overhaul.  I enlisted the help of celebrity hairdresser Neville Ramsay and Milk_Shake Hair UK to do the deed and after being told by Neville to “man up” I knew I was in the right hands – I like a man who can manage by ridiculous compulsion to be over dramatic.

Neville assessed my hair and recommended we cut it into a very blunt, straight bob to take as much of the dead weight out of it as possible without going too short for my face shape.  Neville knows I love to experiment with colour and so we decided to take it to a slate blue / grey colour using Milk_Shake UK strengthening toners (don’t worry, there’s no bleach involved, they don’t mess with the structural integrity of your hair, they simply wash in and out).  Neville is a Milk_Shake UK Ambassador and their Whipped Cream Leave In conditioner comes highly recommended by Neville, hailed as the brands “Hero Product” Neville says he uses it on clients at every opportunity.  Part of the z-one concept group, milk_Shake is a young, dynamic Italian haircare company offering professional hair and beauty products worldwide to both salons, and people like you and I who just want to see our hair back in tip-top condition.  If you know me personally you’ll know that I work out a lot and that on it’s own takes it’s toll on my hair.

Ok, back to the story of my recent bravery……. We started by prepping the hair with shampoo, no conditioner, then mixed up equal parts toner and Whipped Cream conditioner before applying it to my hair at the basin, after five minutes, the excess was removed with a towel.  We agreed (me – reluctantly) that a bob would work for my face shape and lifestyle and would certainly be more modern and on trend than my previous grown out style.

I’ll be honest with you, the rest of my time in A List Salon was a bit of a blur, given that I’m a complete and utter drama queen when it comes to having my haircut, I remember blind panic, hyper ventilating and lots of whinging and then being shown the finished product…..


I have to say that given the amateur dramatics and hullabaloo I created, it wasn’t THAT bad.  I’d convinced myself that short hair wasn’t for me and probably wouldn’t have tried it had I not damaged my hair so badly in the first place, It’s still long enough to tie back and I can still get my signature gym pigtails in, but the biggest difference is in the condition.  Neville sent me away with a Milk_Shake UK gift pack containing shampoo, conditioner and Whipped Cream Leave In Conditioner and told me to keep up the in salon treatments but absolutely no bleaching whatsoever, and no cutting until February next year!

So, who knows what’s inshore for me next February but with all this courage and bravery, I think I deserve some sort of medal, or at the very least a sticker……

Pixie x

Thanks to A-List Salon in Sunderland and Milk_Shake Hair UK for providing me with products to maintain my new style and colour.

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