The day every fashionista has been waiting for is finally here: #HMBALMAINATION.

November 5th marks the hugely anticipated arrival of the H&M x Balmain collection pioneered by Olivier Rousteing and his supermodel Balmain Army.  While you were sleeping, desperate fash fans were lining up overnight outside H&M on London’s Oxford Street as well as in Birmingham and Manchester to get their hands on a piece, any piece, from this highly covetable collection.


The collection went on sale at 9am this morning and by 9.04, shoppers had already listed their purchases on eBay for dramatic markups of £1200 and more – very naughty.

H&M online did it’s usual trick of putting up its “TRY AGAIN” holding page infuriating online shoppers the world over, which, you know, only serves to make the elusive 45 piece collection more covetable. Bravo H&M.

So Voyeurs, did you manage to get your hands on anything from the fastest selling high street x designer collaboration in fashion history?  How do you feel about savvy shoppers marking up and selling on for profit on eBay?  Personally, it drives me insane, why stand in line for something you’re not interested in, that someone else could be buying and getting real pleasure from at the price that Rousteing intended?  But that’s just me…


With Rousteing at the top of his game and leading the ultimate supermodel squad, the collaboration served to bring a taste of Balmain to the high street fashionista’s wardrobe, with signature military styling and embellishment, the collection embodies the spirit of Balmain without the price tag or the undeniable quality and craftsmanship of Rousteing’s mainline collection.

If you’re reading this and thinking about shopping the collection, you’re way too late dude, all that’s left is a feint whisper of gold spun thread and the distant click clack of stilettos as they saunter out of H&M with everything you ever wanted swinging from their wrist.  Better luck next time.

While everyone’s eyes are on the high street x designer hook up of the century, I’m going to go all out and place my bets on a H&M x Victoria Beckham collaboration for next year.  Don’t say I didn’t warn you….

Pixie x

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