Best Dressed Guest with Belle Bridal

Well Voyeurs, I can finally unveil my latest project and man, it’s a doozie….

I’ve been collaborating with local and national magazines for some time now and my latest collaboration is with super high fashion bridal magazine, Belle Bridal.  Think Vogue for weddings and you’re definitely on the right track.  That’s right Voyeurs, I’ve got my own page in Belle Bridal and it’s called Best Dressed Guest (natch).


Belle Bridal is something of a brides bible, ask any bride worth her fashion salt and she’ll undoubtedly have a dog-eared copy or two somewhere in her stylish home.  When the magazine approached me to work with them I knew right away that the fit was perfect, I’ve been to countless weddings where I’ve looked around at wedding guests wearing either the same outfit as another guest (oh, the horror), or wearing something that they’re completely uncomfortable in – and it shows.

So my job is to bring you my top picks for distinguished wedding guest dressing – a full outfit in five easy steps that you’ll fall in love with and want to bring out time and time again, something you’ll feel comfortable and stylish in and that you’ll be proud to wear.  My aim is to literally make you the Best Dressed Guest.

If you want to catch my first Best Dressed Guest page then you’ll have to make sure you snap up a copy of the Spring / Summer 2016 issue of Belle Bridal magazine, available at all good newsstands from Thursday January 28th 2016 or available to pre-order online at and in the meantime, if you need help choosing an outfit for an upcoming wedding then tweet me @pixietenenbaum or email me at

Stay fabulous….

Pixie x

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