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A little while ago you’ll remember that on the recommendation of two very high profile Victoria’s Secret Angels, I dabbled in a Universal Contour Wrap at Newcastle Hair and Beauty Clinic.  Well, after chatting to staff in the clinic I discovered a little beauty hack that might just blow your mind…..

Obviously you know that the Universal Contour Wrap is not a magic weight loss method. You’re not going to lose anything other than toxins and water, and of course reap the benefits of amazing, velvety soft skin.  But, did you know that if you combine three wraps over a course of three weeks, you could see combined total inch loss of 18 inches?!  Mind. Blown.


It’s no secret that I had a pretty crappy New Year and add to that being diagnosed with Hypothyroidism, failing my medical for my next boxing bout and just generally having done everything to excess, I was neither looking, nor feeling my best.  I booked in for a course of three Universal contour Wraps each taking place seven days apart at newcastle Hair and Beauty Clinic (who, incidentally have now seen me naked exactly the same number of times as they’ve seen me clothed).

Now, if you’ve read my earlier post about this treatment, and I’m assuming you have, you’ll know that it takes place in a warm room where you strip down to your underwear and are wrapped neck to toe in warm, clay soaked bandages before being packed into a NASA worthy space suit.  The whole process is weirdly relaxing (and now second nature to me), it’s not uncomfortable or intimidating, these girls work in beauty and trust me, they’ve seen everything and are completely unfazed by it, in fact it barely registers any more.  If you’re nervous about your body and that’s the only thing holding you back from this really great treatment, don’t be.  Step through the door, get to know the staff and trust me, you’ll be standing in your underwear chatting about the school run and what you’re planning for dinner in no time.

My particular “Wrap Girl” Kayleigh, is amazing, funny, upbeat, attentive and has a killer laugh.  She guided me through the treatment and how the course of three differs from the one off;  at your first appointment you’ll be measured pre and post wrap, you’re marked up with little points so that the measurements are taken in the exact same place.  At the second appointment there’s no measuring at all so you’re straight into the bandages and relaxing in your space suit in minimal time.  By the time the third wrap comes around on day 21, you’re measured post wrap and your inch loss is unveiled to a fanfare. (Ok, maybe there isn’t a fanfare but it’s still pretty exciting.)

Now I feel that I should add a disclaimer here, I fractured and dislocated my thumb boxing somewhere between December and January and once the injury was discovered, I was ruled out of any gym / boxing training and that included the entire three weeks that I was ‘wrapping’ meaning that I wasn’t exercising at all – something new for me having come from doing an average of nine training sessions per week.  However, I was still pretty damn shocked and delighted to discover that from first to third wrap, I had lost an incredible 15 inches globally.

Now these inches can come from any of the many measuring sites and hugely depend on where you store toxins and water.  So, for one person losing inches from their abdomen, another will lose it from their thighs and butt.  Similarly it can be lost from ankles, wrists and ribs etc. the treatment is so individual, you can never base your expected results on those of someone else.  What you can absolutely guarantee though, is an inch loss result and that guarantee, from Universal Contour Wrap themselves, is iron clad.

So, it got me thinking.  You could be overweight, injured, recovering from surgery, in need of a pick me up, or even in the case of Karlie Kloss, have the perfect body, but we’re always striving for better; and personally, I never settle for complacency.  Not the type of treatment I’d usually advocate, but this one, I believe, is a little bit special.  Like a detox from the outside in, skin is left glowing and silky smooth, a feeling which lasts for days after and that really does affect how you feel about yourself.  I have a holiday coming up in June and if I can train to get into fight ready shape and also help myself out by indulging in this treatment then goddamn it there’s nothing wrong with a helping hand!  15 inches with no training, right after new year is impressive. Fact.  Just think how that would make you feel if there was a special occasion on the horizon, Valentines Day, an Easter City Break, a Summer holiday……..

Yes, it’s not permanent but it’s visible, it’s evident and you’ll feel it in your clothes.  If it gets you through your prom / big date / wedding / *insert super important event here* and leaves your skin glowing, then it was worth it right?

So go, book up, shed your inhibitions and try it….

Pixie x

One Universal Contour Wrap at newcastle Hair & Beauty Clinic is £55, or a course of three is £145.  hologram


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