Dermaroller Vs Laser Skin Treatment: A Guide

Can Dermaroller Do Everything Lasers Can Do?

With so many skin treatments on the beauty market these days, it’s hard to decipher which one is best for your skin type, and whether the benefits are real, or just hype. Short of resorting to surgery, there are a select few procedures which are known to make a difference to the regeneration rate of our skin, which in turn improves the opinion and as you might expect, with names like “Dermaroller” and “Laser Resurfacing” these treatments can sound very high tech if not a little scary….

So, the question of whether to have Dermaroller (micro-needling) treatment or a laser procedure is one you may or may not have been pondering, if you’re looking to try to improve your skin and aren’t sure which treatment to choose, let me break it down for you. It can be really hard to choose between the two, especially if you don’t know what their capabilities and limitations are. So, can Dermaroller do everything lasers can do?

The Short Answer is No, it Can’t
Here comes the science: It’s important to understand that Dermaroller is a single type of treatment. It involves having a hand-held roller tool covered in small needles rolled over your skin, eek! Sounds barbaric right? Wrong, It’s actually not half as bad as it sounds.
The intention is for the micro-needling process to damage your skin just enough that your body will start to defend itself by fixing not only the new holes created by the needles, but whatever existing skin problems you may have had, fine lines and wrinkles included.

Laser treatments, on the other hand, can come in a variety of forms. Each type of laser serves a different purpose. Combine that with their pinpoint accuracy, and you have a recipe for treating a huge variety of skin problems. For example, ablative laser devices don’t drill columns in the skin like Dermaroller needles. Instead, they act in a similar way to a chemical peel, getting rid of the top layer of skin, which is mostly made up of dead cells anyway, think of it as a super powered vacuum cleaner unveiling fresh, new skin underneath.

Fraxel Laser Treatment and Dermaroller Treatment Create Very Similar Results
Even so, there are certain forms of aesthetic laser equipment that do drill those holes, similarly to how Dermaroller treatments do, but without needles. Instead, they use focus beams of light and heat. They are called Fraxel laser treatments, yes, we’re getting technical but bear with me…

So, why is it that some people prefer Dermaroller?
Given the fact that many people are afraid of needles and the fact that lasers are so versatile, you’re probably wondering why people choose Dermaroller at all. The answer to that is that the best treatment depends on more than just how the treatments work.

Every person’s skin is different, and everyone deals with multiple skin issues. Those can include dark spots, flaky patches, acne scars, dry skin, oily skin, etc. So, even if you want to treat a specific issue, such as fine lines and wrinkles, you always have to consider the bigger picture before making such a big decision.

Laser Treatments Do Have Their Limitations
Although they might seem like the perfect fix for everything, laser treatments do have limits. For instance, many of them work better on light coloured skin, although there are some which work on darker skin tones. So, if you are thinking about laser therapy, you need to be sure that you’re picking one that’s right for your skin tone. Something to be mindful of is that oily skin can sometimes react badly to laser treatment, as could certain other skin conditions. (There are contra-indications to any beauty treatment Voyeurs!)

Always Consult an Expert Before Deciding
It sounds obvious but do your research.  Not only can an expert help you to choose between Dermaroller and laser treatments, but they can also tell you about options you may not have considered.  Whether it’s sound wave therapy, chemical peels, or Botox injections, it’s important, and certainly relevant to discuss all of the choices available to you before you settle on one skincare method in particular.  That way you can increase your odds of making your skin look healthy again, feel confident about its appearance and be certain that you made the right decision.

So Voyeurs, now you’ve done the research, you can make an informed decision about which skin treatment is best for you personally.

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