Dermatude: The Facelift Alternative

If you live in the North East, you’ll most likely be familiar with the name Hooker & Young. The formidable duo have been making waves in the hairdressing industry for years and they have no intention of slowing down.  In fact, not content with lining their shelves with hairdressing awards, Hooker & Young are taking on the beauty industry.

At the pretty Hooker & Young Ponteland salon, you’ll find Hooker & Young Skin.  A service that sits perfectly alongside their creative hair offering and something that feels perfectly placed with the brand.  Kelly Covell is the driving force behind Skin and is passionate about offering clients the very best and most innovative treatments on the market.

“It’s not about getting in there first and being the first to have a brand new treatment, it’s about testing it, making sure the results are tangible and making sure it’s something that our clients will really benefit from.” Kelly Covell, Hooker & Young Skin

Today Kelly has invited me to try the Dermatude facial and all I know about it before my arrival is that it’s been dubbed ‘The Facelift Alternative’.  When Kelly explains what I’m in for, I’m kind of pleased I didn’t do any research….


In a nutshell, Nouveau Skin Therapy’s Dermatude facial uses meta therapy to deliver active serums to the skin through micro-needling.  That’s right Voyeurs, ‘facial’ and ‘needling’ in the same sentence, I’m already planning my escape…

I arrive at Skin and am greeted by Kelly who takes me upstairs to a cosy treatment room, the room is slick and clinical looking and dominated by a high-tech heated bed which I slink into like it’s my own.  Kelly shows me the machine she’s going to use and explains that micro-needling as it’s known, is actually less invasive than Microdermabrasion and demonstrates the feeling on the back of my hand.  she asks if I’m comfortable (I am) and then we begin.

Kelly talks me through the treatment while she’s working, we start with a strong Glycolic Peel to prep the skin and then the micro-needling pushes an active serum past the outer layers of the epidermis to living cells where they can instantly start to work on improving the texture, clarity and tone of the skin.  The treatment claims to combat premature ageing, sun damage and open pores, it’s slightly uncomfortable in certain areas but most definitely not painful.  The machine glides over the skin vibrating and pulsing to push the product deep into the dermis.  The sound from the machine is not dis-similar to that of a tattoo needle, the feeling however, is a breeze in comparison to my expectations.

Elaine Frances Dermatude treatment overview

“As a result, connective tissue is produced, filling the wrinkle from the inside out. Again, this is a natural skin process. The treatment does not involve injecting any fillers whatsoever and no muscles or nerves are blocked. However, in order to support the natural process, our special serums “Subjectables” are used for a faster and even more efficient result.” – Nouveau Skin

Whilst the active ingredients get to work on my skin, Kelly treats the backs of my hands with the micro-needler and serum and tells me what to expect when the treatment is over; slight redness which will fade pretty quickly but no makeup until tomorrow.

When I’m done, she hands me a mirror and a glass of water and I’m surprised at how fresh and instantly brighter I look.  it’s like I’ve had a good sleep and woken up wide awake and ready for action.  Sure, it’s red, but not as red as you might expect, given the type of treatment this is.  The most noticeable difference is around my eyes, the skin looks fresh and more luminous than it has before.


The treatment has a celebrity following and I can understand why, after one treatment my skin was glowing and by the next day it looked and felt amazing; soft and renewed and a lot clearer with far less visible pores.  Like most of these treatments, they’re great before an event or vacation but are recommended as blocks or packages in order to add an element of maintenance and sustaining that ‘new skin’ look and feel.  After seeing the immediate visible improvement, it’s something I’d definitely do again and Kelly is a conscientious Therapist, allowing time to explain each element of the treatment which would put even the most skeptical mind at ease.

So Voyeurs, if you fancy taking the plunge and trying out the Dermatude Meta Therapy facial, I’d highly recommend Kelly at Hooker & Young Skin in Ponteland, salon deets are below.

Pixie x

13 Bell Villas
Newcastle Upon Tyne
NE20 9BD
Tel : 01661-821004



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