Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2016, What We Know So Far

The 2016 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show is right around the corner Voyeurs and here’s what we know so far…

The show is set to be bigger and better than ever before – at least that’s what we’re led to believe.  After suffering dwindling ratings last year, the brand was hit hard and Ed Razek, the mastermind behind Victoria’s Secret wants to fix that.

Enter Jasmine Tookes.  The third black woman to be awarded the coveted Fantasy Bra, Tookes will showcase the ‘Bright Night’ Fantasy Bra during the 2016 VS Fashion Show and the bra looks set to be a real departure from those shown in recent years.

The Fantasy Bra

Valued at $3 million, the bra has been designed by Eddie Borgo and took seven months to create.  Comprising 9000 gemstones and over 27000 Swarovski crystals and pearls set in 450 karats of 18 karat gold, the Bright Night Fantasy Bra stays true to the sexy, unobtainable aesthetic of Victoria’s Secret, mixed with the urban appeal of Borgo’s archive.

“It’s such an honour for me to join a whole group of women who are icons, and who I grew up watching over the years.”  Jasmine Tookes, VS Angel.


The Location

For the first time ever, the show will take place in Paris.  More specifically at the Grand Palais, favourite of Karl Lagerfeld and regular home to the Chanel runway show during Paris Fashion Week.  Things to note:  The Grand Palais is HUGE.  Trust me, I’ve seen it first hand.  The steel and glass ceiling itself is something to behold and allows the space to flood with natural light in the daytime.  Now we know that the show is recorded twice; once at 2pm and once at 7pm and the best takes make up the show you see on TV – it’ll be interesting to see how VS manage the changing lighting between each show.

The Performers

We know that Lady Gaga, Bruno Mars and The Weeknd are confirmed performers for the show – with the addition of Bella Hadid to the lineup, recent ex-girlfriend of Abel Tesfaye (The Weeknd) that won’t be awkward at all.  Let’s hope he doesn’t do a Rihanna circa 2015 and pull out at the last minute…

The Angels

The 2016 will feature a whole host of rookie Angels (18 to be exact) alongside veterans Adriana Lima, Alessandra Ambrosio, Lily Aldridge, Jasmine Tookes et al.  New gals Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid are back and Bella Hadid made the cut for the first time this year.  Karlie Kloss who retired her wings for a blink and you’ll miss it short period (one season!) will be back too.


An Exhibition

To celebrate the launch of the brand new 5th Avenue store, an exhibition entitled VICTORIA’S SECRET: A RETROSPECTIVE will be on show but before you get too excite Voyeurs, this one is in New York.  The Retrospective exhibit will showcase the costumes and of course the wings that rocked the 2015 New York runway.  Want to catch it?  head to 640 FIFTH AVE, NEW YORK, NY.

d-fs-main-111516-retrospective-2The Show Themes

As always the show will be split into themes and this year there are six.  ‘The Road Ahead’ will take on a multicultural approach, ‘Secret Angel’ has been inspired by James Bond and black and white spy movies.  The remaining four themes are ‘Mountain Romance’, ‘Pink Nation’, ‘Dark Angel’ and ‘Bright Night Angel’ which will feature the 2016 Bright Night Fantasy Bra.


I’ll bring you more as I get it Voyeurs including the UK  TV screening date, and be sure to look out for my upcoming post introducing the Victoria’s Secret Rookies…

Pixie xo

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