Megan Fox for Frederick’s of Hollywood

It’s about to get a little hot and sweaty up in here Voyeurs!  Can we all just take a moment to appreciate how freaking hot Megan Fox looks in her lingerie line for Frederick’s of Hollywood?!  Hot damn woman!

Fox is more than just a model for the lingerie brand that invented the push up bra.  Back in September 2016 she became co-owner of Frederick’s of Hollywood, a move which saw the actress take creative control over design and ultimately led to this – her own collection for the brand.

“In general, when I’m designing something, it needs to be something that looks good on every shape and size. You want someone who is a 32A to be able to wear the same thing who is a 36G. Everyone wants to be able to wear something that makes them feel sexy.”  Megan Fox

And it seems that “Earth’s Hottest Girl” done good.  The self designed collection is actually pretty awesome.  Fox said that she wanted to design something that “you don’t have to have the body of a Victoria’s Secret Angel to wear” – easy for her to say, she shot the campaign just five months after giving birth to her third son and looks insane.

The collection is similar in look to British born lingerie brand Agent Provocateur in that it’s sassy, less fluffy and pink than Victoria’s Secret, more edgy and sexy.  The price point is accessible too, think high street prices with a high end look.

“When I first moved out to L.A., I was a teenager, maybe 17, and I always wanted the sexiest lingerie because I was raised in a really strict home with really religious parents. I loved Victoria’s Secret but they didn’t have the really naughty stuff that I wanted to wear. I went to the Frederick’s store on Hollywood Boulevard and bought a lot of stuff, and felt rebellious and empowered and excited that I got to wear all of this stuff that I knew my mom would die if she knew I was wearing.” Megan Fox

Seems that Fox is more than just a super vixen with a pretty face after all….

Pixie xo

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