Missing: One Mojo

Oh hello there peeps!  Just checking in….

Well Voyeurs, it’s been a whirlwind few weeks filled with travel, celebrities, fashion and a bit of surgery drama thrown into the mix!  The outcome being that I’ve neglected my blog and fallen behind.  It’s all good and well shmoozing with Chris Hemsworth (that’s Thor himself) and The Russo Brothers on the set of Avengers Infinity War, but the work still mounts up.

Truth be told, I’m one of those reluctant creatives, the kind who knows they fall into the bracket but is a little uncomfortable with it because they feel like a fraud.  I’m a creative who’s not particularly creative.  Sure, I love fashion and beauty but I’m not someone who admires art or visits the theatre – it’s just not my jam, and I often find myself in conversations with other creatives about topics I know nothing about.  I’ve become an ace at nodding with a rehearsed but knowing look on my face and it works like a charm.  Nope, I’m the kind of creative who listens to rap music, loves fast cars and bikes, lives in Beats, and knows every word to 100 miles & Runnin’ by N.W.A.

Like most creatives, I do however suffer from bouts of LM, that’s Lost Mojo, or writer’s block and that’s how I justify my position in this overcrowded bracket.  I have times where I’m on deadline and I just. Can’t. Think.  No matter what, I schedule writing time and if the words aren’t there then it ain’t happening Voyeurs.  That’s the frustrating side of this, throughout my school life writing was my chosen medium, an outlet and also a method of communication, it was where I shone.  diaries, stories, songs, I’d spend hours holed up in my room writing, and now that it’s my profession there are times when the closet creative in me just rolls over and goes back to sleep.  Today is one of those days.

My plans have been scuppered and I’ve been gifted with time; Bo was in theatre for double hernia surgery yesterday and as a result, I’ve had to cancel my plans for the next week to bring him endless cups of tea with a side of sympathy, and food every two hours otherwise he claims he will die.  An excellent chance to catch up on the 47 pieces I need to write for my blog, 4 magazine pieces and the continual uploading of older work to this site after the absolute fuckery of my web host caused a whole shit storm I could have done without.  An excellent chance indeed, except for the LM and the special ed school charged with educating my autistic child calling me constantly for advice on how to do their job.

So instead I find myself shopping online for stuff I don’t need, wondering if I should repaint the sitting room in Urban Smoke, archiving the past 12 years of Vogue magazine and silently eye rolling whenever I hear my cellpone ring.  All super not important.  Had today gone to plan, I would be in hair and makeup right now, prepping for a big runway show tonight. C’est La Vie.

My involuntary procrastination *usually* leads to something good.  Something I’d stuck a pin in a while back to be unearthed at some time in the future will be ticked off a long forgotten list and I’ll still have that sense of achievement at the end of the day, today I’m planning, and writing a letter that should have been done a long time ago so it’s all good, although admittedly maybe not as good as it could have been.  The downside of this, is that you’ll have to wait a little longer to hear about SHOW Beauty‘s product range and whether it’s worth the hype, the latest from Korean beauty brand DHC Skincare, and festival favourite: Glitter Lips UK.  But panic not Voyeurs, it’s up there, I just need to coax it out, right now though, someone is calling for a cup of tea with a smug look on his face….

Ciao for now!

Pixie xo

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  • We have all been there! I don’t post as often as I should at all!! I live too much on my Facebook page and keep that active but neglect the other stuff!
    At least you can just sit and stare at photos of you and Chris together 😂😂.
    Also I bet it’s the same for you as when I’m filming something, once the madness is over you feel like you are on a bit of a downer. Xx

    • I don’t get like this often, but on the rare occasion that it does happen, it’s like my mind is completely empty and all I can think of is “I am Groot”