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I’ve been preaching about the benefits of Barre fitness for a long time now, after discovering it in 2011 I’ve become a convert to this high energy, low impact, fast acting workout.  As I’ve dipped in and out of other regimes Barre has remained constant.  The muscle burnout followed by stretching and lengthening under pressure is something you just can’t get in other classes; that long lean look that dancers have, they owe that as much to barre related exercises as they do to their dancing.

I often get asked about The Barre Workout and it’s always met with an audible gasp when I reveal the cost of being a part of this Fitness Squad – it’s not cheap Voyeurs.  A single 45/60 minute class will set you back £14, whilst packs of multiple classes offer a small discount (10 classes are £110 and 20 are £198).  For more experienced and established Barre Belles and Barre Bros, a monthly membership package is available at a cost of £125 per month which allows you to take up to 24 classes in a four week period.  With the average UK gym membership costing a modest £16 per month, it’s no Pure Gym or Mineral House.

Before you declare yourself out based on the price, consider what The Barre Workout is all about.  Yes, there are people who are priced out, but if you do have disposable income to spend on yourself then Barre classes are something you’re going to want to get in on.  It’s like an elite fitness clique that train together and share the benefits of this mysterious exercise regime that everyone has heard of but not everyone understands, and to understand it fully, you have to do it.

Barre is like nothing else, some people compare it to HIIT and others to ballet but the truth is it’s like neither, it’s in its own category, elevated above other fitness fads – Barre is no fad, it’s been around a lot longer than you might expect.  Used as a tool to rehabilitate injured dancers, it allows participants to get the benefit of high intensity exercise which isolates the large muscle groups and the associated accessory muscles to really burn them out, whilst maintaining control.  If you’re familiar with Crossfit, where reps are key and form doesn’t matter, Barre is the opposite.  Form is EVERYTHING.

Developed by ballet dancers, not Fitness Instructors, Barre allows you to maintain control over the muscles so for someone like me who suffers from EDS, Fibromyalgia and Hypermobility Syndrome, it guarantees that I work within my limitations but still get the same benefit as everyone else in the class.  You hit your edge when it comes to burn out every single time Voyeurs, and that’s a pretty awesome feeling for someone who could be considered ‘restricted’ when it comes to choice of exercise.

Suddenly that price tag isn’t seeming so bad right?  But your local gym does Barre?  Don’t even go there.  Barre is unique, it’s a whole different beast and I’m confident enough to tell you that if you take a gym barre class and follow it up with a genuine Barre Workout class, you’ll never go back to your gym class.  Barre is mechanical, it takes the basic movements from ballet and strips them down to the base mechanics allowing you to hone in on particular muscle groups and chains.  The principles are built on ballet, but the class is something else entirely.

It’s intense and it’s not easy but boy is it effective.  You’ll never look at your body the same way again after you’ve embraced the phenomenon that is barre and if you sign yourself up, I guarantee you’ll be preaching the benefits to your squad in 12 months time.  What’s more, to celebrate their 8th Birthday, The Barre Workout are offering free taster classes throughout the day on Saturday July 1st 2017.  If you’re considering trying a real Barre class – and you absolutely should be – then you can grab a spot at the barre for free to find out exactly what’s involved and how your body feels after a class.  To get yourself a space, contact The Barre Workout on 0191 340 8834 and tell them Pixie sent you for a taster session.  You’ll have to be lightning fast though Voyeurs, these places fill up fast because it really is that good!

Pixie xo

The Barre Workout can be found at:

56 The Close
Newcastle upon Tyne NE1 3RJ

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