Karlie Kloss Confirmed for VS Fashion Show 2017

Hold the phones Voyeurs, remember we said we had a feeling Klossy would be breaking her hiatus to make a return to the runway for the 2017 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show?  Well goddammit we were right!  If you’re catching up on all things Victoria’s secret fashion Show 2017 then there’s also posts ‘What We Know So Far‘ and ‘Hailey Baldwin for VS Fashion Show 2017‘ to read, so get caught up!

Set to break her retirement and don her wings once again, glamazon Karlie Kloss has been confirmed for the 2017 VS Fashion Show.  Spotted leaving a fitting in NYC this morning the model was spotted with strap like marks on her calves and shins suggesting she’ll be wearing those signature gladiator style heeled boots in the show.  Having last walked for the lingerie label in their 2014 London Fashion Show (I was there, read my report here), Klossy hung up her wings to concentrate on fashion projects and her ‘Code with Karlie’ Academy.  Now, after the shortest retirement (and probable huge case of FOMO) in VS Angel history, she’s back for more!


Kloss has been through something of a transformation since she last walked the VS Fashion Show in 2014, with uber bleached hair and more piercings she’s definitely pushing her off duty look in a more urban direction.  We all remember THAT haircut that propelled her to superstar status and was the inspiration for this piece), in fact, her turn on the 2012 VS Fashion Show runway was one of the most memorable given that most VS Angels have to have below collar-bone length hair.  Kloss changed that, she gave the label street cred and urban appeal alongside as its own signature glamour.

At 6ft 1″ Karlie Kloss is one of the VS Angels at the taller end of the scale, the average and most preferred height for the show is 5’10” so she already stands out.  Personally I’m psyched about seeing her back on the runway for Victoria’s Secret, she doesn’t look like the typical VS angel (in a good way) and that’s a great way of bringing in younger fans and followers from non traditional VS tribes.  When Kloss moves on the runway she moves like a swan, she’s typical high fashion stock and an awesome fashion model.  She can be sexy, goofy, serious – all in the blink of an eye and whilst this may sound like a bi-polar quality, in modelling it’s priceless.

There’s just one thing I ask, Please Ed, let’s see Klossy with short hair on the runway again, and I’m gonna put it out there right now Voyeurs, I reckon we might just see Klossy in the 2017 Victoria’s Secret Fantasy Bra…..

Pixie xo



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