Bio-Essence 24 k Bio-Gold Night Cleanser & Miracle Finisher

If like me, you have sensitive skin, then wearing makeup and removing it after can be something you dread.  Admittedly most of my days are spent makeup free but I always indulge in a little face paint if I have an event, show or night out in my schedule.  I’m particular about makeup, I tend to steer clear of highstreet makeup ranges and use something more high end, for no reason other than past experience tells me they treat my skin better.  If I get it wrong I can end up looking like I’ve been burned by the time it comes to removing it and it can often spur on a breakout in the days following.

My makeup regime is pretty simple: I use YSL Primer, it’s the best thing I’ve found and gives a flawless finish.  I follow this with a blend of two or three foundations depending on my colouring at the time, but my faithful products to make my custom shade are by Tom Ford, Chanel and Creme de la Mer.  Total that up and that’s one seriously expensive foundation, cue cringe face emoji.  I’m hoping my trip to the Fenty Beauty Influencer event during London Fashion Week will solve this once and for all and give me one awesome foundation that will give me that RiRi glow.

I use a Tom Ford bronzing stick to give a light contour, and a Rihanna x MAC Diamond highlighter directly above it, which I top off with a Topshop metallic blush and I’m good to go.  I never wear mascara but I do give my lashes a good heavy coating of Nouveau’s Lash Conditioner which gives the appearance of added length without weight.  I have pretty long lashes already so LVL Lash treatments stand me in good stead.  I use Tom Ford eye palettes for a pop of colour and a slick of DHC liquid liner for a feline flick, but generally I’m pretty low maintenance.  I always use Tom Ford and Nanshy brushes to apply my makeup, there’s no competition.  I’ve had cheaper brushes and more expensive brushes but these give the best combination for the style of makeup that I wear and I always have a selection of each brand in my arsenal.

The problem I have is when it comes to removing makeup.  I’ve used No.7 cleanser which left my face tingling and my lips swollen, as well as a million other high street cleansers which leave my face feeling tight and dry.  It’s really difficult to find something that will do the job as well as it needs to be done.  Enter Bio-Essence 24k Gold.  I was asked to review this budget to mid priced range which is available in Superdrug and I read up on it in advance so I knew what I was in for.  At first glance it looks lovely, the packaging plays on the 24k gold theme and is holographic so instantly it looks a lot more expensive than it is.  It’s definitely one to be displayed proudly on the bathroom shelf.

Now just as a point of note, I get asked to review a LOT of products, some of which don’t make the grade.  I don’t like to give a scathing review of something just for the sake of it, so you’ll tend to find that the things I publish are positive reviews about products that i’ve really enjoyed using and had some great results from.  The Bio Essence 24k range is one of those ranges.  I used the 24k Bio Gold Skin radiance Night Cleanser and Miracle Finisher literally until the tubes were empty and then was gutted once they’d been used.

Bio-Essence 24k Bio Gold Skin Radiance Night Cleanser £12.99

This cleanser comes with a pump dispenser, it’s creamy in consistency and has a metallic gold finish.  It’s been designed to avoid stripping moisture from the skin and adding radiance which works whilst you sleep.  You’ll know from experience that finding the right cleanser for your skin type can be tricky as they can often leave skin dry and tight, this one doesn’t.  You don’t get that instant pull after using it that makes you want to reach for your moisturiser in seconds.  It’s tough – it removes all traces of makeup, but it’s kind to skin leaving it feeling clean and soft.  I’ve been following this up with Murad‘s Moisturising Toner which comes as a handy spray, then using my Peach Fox Marine Collagen Eye Gel and a new facial oil from Lumity Life.

Superdrug is your best friend for this product as it’s often on offer, click here to shop it.

Bio-Essence 24k Bio Gold Miracle Finisher £19.99

CULT PRODUCT ALERT.  This is a divine product.  It’s difficult to describe exactly what this product is, but Ill try anyway.  It’s the very last step of your skincare regime, so no matter what your routine is on a morning, you apply this at the very end.  It’s super lightweight in texture, almost like a serum, but it’s thicker and feels like velvet on your skin.  I guess it’s like a second primer, it finishes the skin in preparation for makeup, or you might choose to wear it on its own if you’re hitting the gym.  It’s literally flawless.  it closes pores, mattifies, smoothes out imperfections, blurs lines and gives you a glow that wasn’t there before.

That’s just the aesthetic benefits, this product works to form an invisible barrier over the skin to protect it from pollution and other nasties that might be in makeup.  It prevents pores from clogging, blackheads from forming and ultimately reduces irritation from any outside element.

My makeup sat better, stayed longer and had a better finish with Miracle Finisher underneath.  For only £20 as opposed to a high end primer which costs an average of £42 in the UK, I’d say this product is well worth a punt no matter what your skin type.  My advice would be to save this one for day use only, sure it makes you look amazing but it’s a waste of awesomeness if you’re just going to sleep on it.  You can shop this product here.

Yes, it’s just skincare but if you’re reading this then it’s probably a topic you’re interested in.  For something that is essentially a highstreet beauty product, this is a good, solid, does what it says on the tin range, with a little bit of flair and a whole lot of style.  Buy it, try it and glisten like the star that you are, because everything is better in gold.

Pixie xo

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