Fenty Beauty Announces The Galaxy Collection

Just after she treated us to the launch of Fenty Beauty with a personal appearance at Harvey Nichols, Rihanna has announced the launch of her (possibly limited edition) Holiday collection, aptly named The Galaxy Collection.

Filled with sleek, holographic versions of the original minimalist packaging, the collection is like a whole new line for beauty fans.  The first drop focussed on complexion, unveiling a whopping 40 shades of buildable foundations, it’s flown off shelves and has been as popular with industry makeup artists as it has with Influencers and models.  It’s fair to say that the staggered launch has been a huge success and kept the focus on RiRi’s brand.  It was used backstage in her Fenty Puma show at New York Fashion Week and strategic images dominated the various emerging editorials in the days following, overshadowing the fashion.

Although there was a distinct absence of colour in this first drop, it was barely noticed because the initial products were so good.  with multifunction Match Stix for contouring, illuminating and adding sheen, Instagram has been full of that RiRi glow recently.

Now though with The Galaxy Collection dropping on October 13th, fans of Fenty Beauty will be able to administer a dose of colour to their makeup collections.  This new drop contains lipsticks and lip glosses, known in the Fenty beauty stable as Lip Glitters and Cosmic Glosses, liquid eyeliner for that feline flick, and a 14 shade eyeshadow palette that looks set to have you shining like a diamond this Christmas.

We’re also teased a specific sub-collection for Christmas with nothing given away except a single red ribbon, hinting at a possible red lipstick maybe like her famous RiRi Woo shade released as part of her collaborative collection with MAC.  I can’t tell you what’s coming Voyeurs (because I don’t know) but I can tell you I’ll be in London at the launch event so I’ll just leave that with you…

Pixie xo

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  • Never tried any of the fenty range yet but I do admit I’m loving the look of that palette and quite tempted to get my pal in Florida to pop to Sephora and grab one for me before she comes home 😂👌