Black Friday Wish List: PrettyLittleThing

We’re on the approach to the landslide, that time of year where there seems to be a calendar event every other week in the run up to Christmas.  Halloween and Bonfire Night are right around the corner, followed swiftly by Thanksgiving and the ultimate discounted shopping day: Black Friday.

Black Friday is a relatively new phenomenon in the UK and whilst most brits can’t tell you a thing about what Thanksgiving is, or why it’s even a thing, they’ll undoubtedly know about it’s hangover day – Black Friday.  In the States people will line up round the block to get a piece of the Black Friday action and whilst we don’t replicate the exact format (or the crazy discounts) in the UK, you can still grab yourself a bargain with our version and the best way to do it is to shop online and bookmark your favourite sites in advance.

I’ll be sharing a few of my Black Friday Wish Lists with you starting with PrettyLittleThing who have a sale of epic proportions coming your way for Black Friday 2017 which is November 24th.

PrettyLittleThing is a mecca for fast fashion.  If you’re an Instagram fashion fanatic then I guarantee that those styles you’re coveting will have a replica on this fashion favourite.  With clothing, shoes, accessories and now big name beauty, it’s a one stop shop for microtrends and hero pieces.  PrettyLittleThing also collaborates with key Influencers and celebrities to create some super instagrammable ranges, their latest drop PrettyLittleThing x Kourtney Kardashian has some awesome faux fur coats in Winter brights.


If you’ve shopped with PrettyLittleThing before you’ll already know that the site is huge.  To narrow down your search use the size filter which will narrow down everything on the site available in your size and then allow you to shop by department.  There’s so much on there that it’s easy to fall down the rabbit hole, the rules of Black Friday shopping are simple, don’t buy what you won’t wear.  If you see something and it has a generous discount that’s great, but it’s not enough.  Will you wear it and will you wear it more than once?  If the answer is yes then add it to your basket and whittle down a shortlist when you get to the checkout.  Here are my top picks for Black Friday 2017 from PrettyLittleThing:


£25 Pre-Black Friday

These are a no brainer, true to fit these jeans are cut to the ankle and the perfect vintage wash.  Cheap jeans can often gape at the back, these don’t.  Cut higher on the waist than their high street counter parts they’re super flattering and hard wearing, I have two pairs in this colour.


£22 Pre-Black Friday

From the recent collaboration between PrettyLittleThing and Olivia Culpo, this skirt is better IRL than in the picture.  Super shiny and perfect with fishnets for when you want to create an impact.  True sizing too, buy this in your regular size for the perfect fit.


£24 Pre-Black Friday

Now a cult product, NIP + Fab’s Dragon’s Blood Shot gives an instant firming and tightening effect to skin.  I use it all over my face but morning and night I coat my lips in it for an instant plumping and smoothing effect that makes lipstick glide on.  Smells amazing too.


£20 Pre-Black Friday

If you’re drowning in makeup palettes but can never find the one you want, or you’ve had the same eye makeup for years and are due something new for boredom and hygiene reasons, then this is the palette for you.  Crafted by Crown, yes the same people who make the paint, there are 35 shades that fit the nude spectrum and are ordered lightest to darkest.  You’ll be serving up serious looks with this selection of shades and it works great for costume makeup too.  Feel like really splurging?  There’s a metallic version too.


£45 Pre-Black Friday

Just to clarify, I’m not a fan of the bandage dress, because I’m flat chested and they look way better on someone who has boobs.  I don’t really like to show off my chest but I know last year you asked me where to find a great high street version that wouldn’t break the bank.  PrettyLittleThing has a few different styles and colours, but this colour is one you don’t see that often so I’ve picked this one for you guys!


£45 Pre-Black Friday

I adore these boots!  They come in red too and they’re higher than they look but they’re striking and always pick up lots of compliments.  One thing to note with these is that they come up very small so be sure to size up by at least one size!


If you like what you see here, then shop savvy.  Don’t add pieces to your basket right now as PrettyLittleThing operate a sweep policy meaning that everything you add to your basket will be wiped after 24 hours or after any big web update.  So, bookmark the site (or this page if you want to shop from here) and when Black Friday (November 24th 2017) rolls around you’ll be ready to shop the pieces you love at a discount using the shoppable images above, or the on site size filters to find your perfect hero pieces.

Happy shopping!

Pixie xo

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