Rumoured Performers at the 2017 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show

You know I have my ear to the ground when it comes to getting the goss on the annual spectacle that is the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, I was even lucky enough to bag an invite to the 2014 VS Fashion Show in London and mingle with the Angels backstage.  When it comes to the announcement of the entertainment, that’s something I really do get excited about.  The right performers can make or break a segment of the show.

Think about the most memorable VS Fashion Shows and you’ll automatically picture a particular VS Angel and her outfit, a Fantasy Bra, or a performer.  The 2014 show hit all the right notes with Ed Sheeran, Ariana grande and Hozier, the twin Fantasy Bras and the still spectacular image of Elsa Hosk almost wiping out Ariana Grande during the University of Pink segment.  See what I mean?  One memory leads to another when it comes to the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show and it all hinges on the performers to give it the right vibe.

For the 2017 showcase in Shanghai I was positive that Zayn Malik would be performing, based on nothing more than him being the kept BF of Huffy Hadid 1 (that’s Gigi BTW).  Given that The Weeknd topped the bill in 2016 I was sure we were seeing a trend, and maybe we were, but where one former One Directioner could have been, it looks like we might be hearing the dulcet tones of another.

Step forward Harry Styles.  The Victoria’s Secret rumour mill is in overdrive and this floral suit wearing One Directioner is at the forefront of speculation.  Ladies Man, check.  Lover of ladies in lingerie, check.  Titspervert?  Well if that infamous now deleted retweet is anything to go off, then that box is most definitely checked.  The guy is certainly a contender, music wise though, I’m not so sure.

So who else could be joining Harry ‘Take Me Seriously Now’ Styles on the Victoria’s Secret runway?  Well, as we know there are always three performers to take the stage and the other names in the mix are none other than Katy Perry and adopted Angel and ex girlfriend of Harry Styles, Taylor Swift.  If you’re a Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show die hard you’ll know that Ed Razek famously told Swift she was welcome back on stage any time, and even teased that she might walk the show as an honourary Angel one day.  We should be so lucky.  Not.  But hey, if she gets to do it in front of her ex then who am I to protest.

Katy Perry is an odd choice, more upbeat cartoonish fun than sensual and sexy, my bet is on her headlining the VS Pink segment of the show and probably being asked to tone it down to keep the focus on the show itself.  I wouldn’t bet on seeing Left Shark making an appearance either unless Razek has shoehorned some sort of sext surfer chick look into the show.  Here’s hoping….

Pixie xo

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