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Fancy Feet & Happy Hands: How to Wear Your Winter Warmers

December 12, 2017

You wake up to a glistening layer of frost on the top of your roof and icicles are dripping from the window ledge.  Winter has hit us with a bang!  If you’re anything like me then you’ll adore this time of year, that layer of white that crystallises everything adds a while new dimension to the landscape and Winter is undoubtedly the best season when it comes to fashion.  

This temporary cold spell brings with it an opportunity to wrap up in your favourite  winter accessories.  Whether you’ve got a heap of snow and are outside building snowmen or off sledding, what’s not to love about Jack Frost paying a visit?  Well, for a start, if you haven’t got the right things to protect yourself from the elements you’re going to feel a little chilly.  We’ve been pretty spoiled with milder weather for the past few years so you’ll be forgiven for forgetting how to dress for the season!

Like many people, your hands and feet probably suffer the chill most, particularly if you’re a Raynauds sufferer like me.  So, let’s find a way to get you bundled up this season.

Your hands are most susceptible to the cold, so it’s important to keep them toasty and warm.  Avoid that winter draught and invest in some super cute gloves which will keep your fingers cosy and brace them from that horrible chapped feeling you get when the wind bites.  Nobody likes those dry cracked hands we get in the winter-time, so keep them covered whenever you can.  There are many different styles of gloves out there on the high street, whether you favour gloves, mittens or something fingerless, this is the time of year to grab the best styles.

Looking for something a bit more practical?  Worried how you might use your phone if your fingers are completely covered?  Check out the latest touch screen friendly gloves (or Spider-Man gloves as they’re know in the fashion world) that most shops now have.  You can be out and about in the freezing cold and still text your BFF an icicle emoji using these awesome new hand accessories.

Now you’ve got your hands covered up, don’t neglect your tootsies!  I favour Urban Knit thick cashmere socks when I’m indoors, they’re a bit too thick for my boots when it comes to being outdoors so I opt for their cashmere liner socks for outdoors during Winter.  They’re super warm and toasty and come in all the colours of the rainbow.

When it comes to picking the right footwear for the weather it’s all about the boots.  Alpe boots have something for everyone in Winter and their Floral Embroidery Cowboy Boots are perfect for well beyond Winter, plus they look better the more they’re worn in.  I like something that covers the front of my ankle (you know that point where the wind gets in) and if the soles are smooth I rough them up a little with sandpaper to provide a bit of grip for icy weather.  If you’re the kind of person who likes to keep your shoes looking box fresh, then invest in a protector spray for the Winter months, me?  I think the look better with wear.

So, embrace the chill, wrap up in some awesome Winter accessories and get out there in the cold!  Your hands will be toasty and your feet will be insulated, just remember to rouch up those soles to prevent any embarrassing moments when it turns icy!

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  1. Faye Clark says:

    Love the winter season and this cold weather that has eventually arrived so I can wrap up warm and wear lots of accessories. We stock Alpe in the shop and they are a great brand, good design, reasonably priced and I agree they look better when worn in!

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