Fitness Series: Month 1 Back at the Barre

You know from reading this post that I’ve thrown myself back into training at The Barre.  The workout itself consists of several different classes including the original Barre class, Brawl, BRX and Barrdio which make up the Barre regime, supplemented by some shorter, condensed express classes: ReFlex, Re-Ab and Rear-Arrange, which complete the full repertoire.

A picture of the reception wall of the Barre Studio in Newcastle at Christmas

New clients start with First Barre (mention me and you’ll grab your first two classes for the price of one) and work up from there adding in supplementary classes as advised by your instructor.  I’m definitely not new to Barre, in fact I’m a disciple, the studio is my church and I worship at its altar – it’s fair to say I’m a fan.  My first class back after a bit of a hiatus was early December and I was welcomed back by my Barre Tribe (props to Fi, Jade, Karen, Sophie and Julia) – that’s the thing about Barre, whilst new recruits sign up to find out what all the fuss is about, the majority of original clients remain, meaning that the studio just gets buzzier and buzzier with people preaching and demonstrating the benefits of this awesome workout.  Before a class when we hang out in the waiting area, nobody is unhappy, miserable or lacking in motivation, the whole Barre Gang is psyched and that attitude is contagious.

I started off on a high, your first class back after a break is always way easier than you imagine, it’s the second and third that make you question your very existence.  Once you get past that barrier though, the only person you’re competing with is yourself.  I worked first on regaining my stability, balancing on your tip-toes might sound like child’s play but throw in a gazillion isometric quad contractions under the watchful eye of your instructor and it’s more tricky than you might imagine.  The Instructors at The Barre all read from the same script, they constantly call out cues for you to tighten your core, knit your ribs, connect your abs and lift your heels and if you’re struggling to visualise it, they’re on you pointing at exactly what it is you need to change or realign.  Barre eyes miss nothing and that’s a fact.

Pixie Tenenbaum at the Barre Workout selfie mirror in newcastle

December is usually a tricky month for fitness, what with Christmas and New Year on the horizon it tends to be a time for relaxing more than flexing muscle but I took advantage of the quieter classes and maxed out between November 15th (when I signed up) to December 15th (when the studio closed for the Christmas break).  In those four weeks I managed to squeeze in 24 ass firming classes and by the time December 15th landed I was on a roll and gutted to discover the studio would close for three weeks over the festive period.

I was feeling the benefits of the dreaded C-Curve, despite having to sit much lower to avoid sitting right on top of my ischial femoral impingement – that’s a trapped nerve in my left hip and thigh in regular talk – I could feel my long forgotten six pack starting to talk to me again, albeit from under a layer of stubborn fat.  My triceps were visible again after just three weeks of flat dips, half plank push ups and super light weight cuff combos.  The signs Voyeurs, were looking good.  You might think that the regime sounds easy, and I’d agree, but until you do it, you can’t understand how focussed and intense it is to take the Barre.  Sure, we all have off days and sometimes there are things that are more difficult than others, but the pack mentality and sheer determination required to take The Barre mean that for a lot of us, it’s the only hour in a day where we get to totally switch off and focus on ourselves.  That’s a feeling I’ve really missed and when you have it, you realise just how important it is.

One thing’s for sure, I’ve found my groove and I’m looking to the new year with new found optimism and motivation in abundance.

Pixie xo

Looking to try The Barre for yourself?  Head to The Barre’s website to get the lowdown on how to book a class.

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