What I Wore: The Perfect Denim Jacket

Love it or hate it, the trend for denim jackets emblazoned with huge motifs is going nowhere.  Embellished denim just won’t cut it anymore, in an age where we paint, embroider and customise our clothes, a simple pearl or diamante is just no good.

These days we’re all looking for that little bit of flair, something that makes us different, and that makes us stand out.  Why?  Because it’s no longer cool to be wearing what everyone else is wearing.  Gone are those school days where we all wanted the same sneakers, where wearing the right jacket gave you a silent seal of approval.  Right now it’s all about individuality, and standing out.  Personalisation came on to our radars in a big way in the noughties, with Nike’s iD Design Lab making it easy to grab a pair of bespoke sneaks.  Not just with your name, but by selecting panels and fabrics meaning you had the opportunity to create something unique and completely bespoke.  In fact, I was asked to create a pair of bespoke 90’s archive Air Max sneaks to display in the New York iD Lab as part of a fashion exhibition, but that’s another story.

So, with individuality high on our agendas, there’s never been a better time to stand out.  Whether you’re sick of conforming, or you’ve longed for a time when you could embrace your individuality; wonder no more, that time is now.  Fashion is changing, the industry itself is changing.  The shift in show seasons is a reflection of that, with some designers opting for the See Now, Buy Now model and others opting to stay within the pre-season format, everything has loosened a little and become less rigid.  Just like gender, fashion has become fluid, and open to interpretation.  You can of course conform, if that’s your jam, but where’s the fun in that?

So, the point of this post, yes, denim jackets.  So, there once was a time where a little lace trim or a carefully placed pearl was considered a fashion risk.  Why would you want to add to denim, it’s perfect the way it is right?  Well yes, but it can be so much more….

Here’s my favourite denim jacket, now just as an aside, I haven’t been paid to write this, I wasn’t gifted the jacket, I bought it at full price and probably the retailer doesn’t even know I’ve written this, but this is my top pick for getting you through Spring and Summer as the most perfectly versatile cover up.  It’s a simple mens fit denim jacket (that means you get the 80’s sleeve rather than the tight fit stretch denim), until you see the back.  This one is from North East independent retailer Flaura Rose, she customises each piece individually and they retail at around £60 depending on the intricacy and size of the design.

fashion blogger Pixie Tenenbaum wears a denim jacket by Flaura Rose with red elephant design on back

I spotted this one on a market stall and fell in love with it, it’s stiff denim so the collar stands up without flopping and it’s the perfect wash.  I’ve worn it with my beloved Daisy Duke’s, these vintage golf trousers and a million other things because that’s right Voyeurs, it goes with freaking everything.  So, that’s it, my ode to the not so humble, bespoke, individualised, crazy freaking awesome denim jacket.  It’s a real talking point to, people always ask me where I got it from, and I never tell them.  Until now.  You’re welcome.

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