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Safety in Beauty campaign calls for tighter regulations

May 4, 2018

The Safety in Beauty campaign, spearheaded by former Blogger Antonia Mariconda has gathered pace in recent years.  From recognising the need to manage, treat and prevent future “botched” cosmetic surgery, to providing a platform, and a voice, for those who’ve fallen victim to industry malpractice.

The Safety in Beauty campaign has evolved, it’s focus is primarily in the aesthetic industry however Mariconda has stepped forward as a spokesperson for the victims in the global PIP scandal which saw women implanted with medical devices which were manufactured in France and failed several safety tests.  It’s not just the bad that the Safety in Beauty campaign seeks to highlight, it also throws light on the best medical and aesthetic practitioners in the UK each year at it’s Diamond Awards Ball in London.  Doctors, Nurses and Practitioners from all over the country are nominated and celebrated in their categories for outstanding work in the aesthetics industry.

The reason this campaign has gained notoriety within the industry is simple: it’s still way too easy to fall victim to bad aesthetics work.  There will always be a reason for it, whether it’s the lure of cheap product, cheap administration, or both, it’s too easy for clients to be sucked in.  After all, Botox is Botox right?  Wrong.  Really, really wrong.  It’s kinda like saying if you jumped in Lewis Hamilton’s car, you’d win the Grand Prix.  Always be aware of who’s driving.

That’s why the Safety in beauty campaign is so important, it’s designed to benefit you, the consumer, so you know exactly what you’re getting into and to try to tighten up regulations and guidelines about the administration of toxins and fillers.  mariconda recently met with Prime Minister Theresa May and Dr Selena Langdon (an Aesthetic Doctor representing an industry group of medical professionals Keep Medical Aesthetics Medical [KMAM]).  The subject of the meeting?  A comprehensive report into the aesthetics industry to set out and highlight five main areas of concern and to seek mandated action.  Brave move, and one that’s totally, completely necessary.

In a move echoing the 2016 class action suit involving over 10,000 PIP victims, the report included photographs of several “botched” patients who had undergone unsafe procedures by badly trained and inexperienced practitioners.  Something that’s not always known by the patient at the point of treatment and hard to prevent without action taken from the very top.  It’s too easy to blame the victim, and yes, cheap treatment will always be a gate way for some clients, but knowing a practitioners history is not quite so easy.

After hearing both representatives discuss the disappointments of extensive failed promises contained within a report issued by Sir Bruce Keogh in 2013, which pledged tighter regulation and a safer consumer experience; the Prime minister said simply “this will be passed to the Department of Health for investigation”.  A sure fire way to delay any investigation or outcome, and no doubt a frustrating response.

“I am pleased that I have had the opportunity to put my concerns and frustrations for public safety directly to the Prime Minister, and I feel that this direct meeting has allowed me to represent some of the frustrations both my medical aesthetic colleagues and I have faced for years at the lack of regard for proper training, education and regulation”  Dr Selena Langdon

For now we’ll have to wait and see how much importance is placed on regulating the injecting of toxic substances into our faces by our weirdly insensitive government.  In the hands of a skilled, trained and qualified practitioner you can feel like you’ve reached the fountain of youth.  In the hands of the wrong person, there’s way more than just your face at risk.


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