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Met Gala 2018 Red Carpet Round Up

May 8, 2018

The Costume Institute Met Gala is THE fixture that every fashionista looks forward to outside of the Fashion Month calendar.  It’s one I always love writing about because it incites debate.  A little bit of background for you, the Met Gala is held annually in May, the theme is set around 8 months in advance and in that time, a fashion exhibition is curated to show at the museum itself.  Anna Wintour Chairs the Costume Institute Met Gala and she selects co-Chairs each year, this year, Rihanna and George and Amal Clooney were amongst those co-Chairs.

The theme is usually open to interpretation and is something symbolic throughout fashion history.  It’s usually something that’s helped to shape, hone and define fashion today and an influence that can be felt over time.  For 2018 the theme is “Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination”, quite possibly my favourite ever Met Gala theme and one which has undoubtedly inspired some of the greatest fashion moments in history.  With images of John Galliano’s masterpieces in mind, I had high hopes for the red carpet arrivals.  So, let’s get down to business, who nailed the theme and got the whole thing locked down?

The Best of the 2018 Met Gala Red Carpet


Obvs.  There are a handful of people who embrace a theme and really go to town with it to create the perfect homage.  This is Z’s nod to Joan of Arc and damn, it’s one of her finest looks yet.  The girl got game but she didn’t come to play.  You can tell the moment she got gowned up she just slid into character.


This structured lampshade bandeau dress with a ruffled cape is pretty enough, but topped off with a widows lace veil and headpiece it’s perfection.  There’s a reason Krueger tops best dressed lists the world over, and thats because she’s not afraid to take risks with styling choices.


Looking like an absolute goddess Zuri Hall was an early arrival at the Met Gala and one of my absolute favourites.  Simple, effective and befitting of the Heavenly Bodies theme.


That’s right voyeurs, that’s the original Wonder Woman right there looking bedazzling on the Met Gala red carpet.  Who would have thought it?


Because there ain’t no Met Gala without Rih.  When it comes to slaying a theme, Rihanna is an absolute boss, nobody else comes close.  She knows it, we know it and everyone else on that red carpet knows it.  Trust me, when Rih lands at the Met Gala, nobody wants to be on that red carpet with her.  A powerful, excessive display of over achievement.


You know that feeling when a theme comes along that was completely and utterly made for you?  That’s what you’re seeing right here, Lana Del Rey is the very embodiment of religion in fashion and her Gucci pairing with Jared Leto is just perfection.  If I had to call places I’d put her joint first alongside Rihanna.


Whilst you were all sat there expecting her expecting to rock up with one rosary beaded breast, or thorn trimmed underwear, Madonna only went and foxed you all by turning up with a look so on trend it hurts.  From the fitted widows lace face veil to the perfectly placed crown, Madonna pulls off the professional Sicilian widow vibe with ease; and added black roses.


Pray for me Lily Collins, I’m on my knees.  This is simple but so tremendously on theme, on it’s own as a dress it’s pretty boring but dressed up with the headpiece, makeup and rosary beads this is one powerful look.  And don’t even get me started on that stare, it’s the most perfect accessory.


Presumably taking inspiration from Cara Delevingne’s Enchantress in DC’s Suicide Squad, Rosie H-W looks nothing short of angelic in this gold plunge front gown complete with cape and halo.  An early arrival on the red carpet setting the standard for a sea of boring gold dresses, this one managed to rise to the top leaving the others to wallow in their insignificance.  No accessories required when you’re shining this bright on your own.


Now I know the woman defies the ageing process and is an absolute goddess, but in recent years her fashion choices have been, well, a little lame.  Where she has tried to put herself out there, it’s fallen short of the finish line, this however, is freaking fabulous.  Yes it’s an easy option to choose something emblazoned with a cross like “Hey, yeah over here, did you see I got the memo?”  But come on, this is something else.

There were so many gowns that hit the theme perfectly this time around, I mean hell yeah, there was a lot of shit too but narrowing the list down to just ten was a hard task!  What you really want to see is who got it wrong though right?  Keep it here Voyeurs, it’s coming soon…


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