Elsa Hosk to Wear the 2018 Victoria’s Secret Fantasy Bra

You know that saying “you look a million dollars”?  Well Elsa Hosk is about to become the very embodiment of that saying when she takes to the runway in the $1million Fantasy Bra.  The Swedish Victoria’s Secret Angel is consistent and her effort’s have earned her her wings pretty quickly; she started with the brand in 2011 as a Pink Ambassador and by 2014 she’d been given her wings and earned the Angel title.  This girl is a grafter, even Red Bull can’t give a girl wings that fast.  In 2016 she opened the Paris show and in 2017 she was given the Swarovski outfit, something it’s widely known that all the girls compete for.  Looking at those stats, all of the signs were there, 2018 was always going to be Hosk’s year.

Elsa Hosk has been selected to wear the 2018 Dream Angels Fantasy Bra this month when the Angels take to the stage for the hotly anticipated Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show in New York.  she’s a favourite amongst the Victorias Secret models, with fans and other Angels taking to social media to praise the brand’s choice for 2018.

“This is the Fantasy Bra!  Holy shit!  It’s one of the most beautiful fantasy bras I’ve ever seen in my career and it fits my personal style so well. It’s very understated, but glamorous, it has a real ’90s throwback vibe to it and it’s all diamonds, which is perfect for me!”  Elsa Hosk on seeing her Fantasy Bra for the first time

The 2018 Dream Angels Fantasy Bra was designed by Swarovski and features over 21,000 diamonds with the centre piece alone weighing over 71 carats.  Valued at a cool $1 million, the bralette took four master craftsmen over 930 hours to create, and at no point was Hosk allowed to see what was being created for her until the grand unveiling.  On show day Hosk will also wear a matching Swarovski by Cristopher Kane body chain and bangles and in a first for Victoria’s Secret, customers will be able to purchase a specially produced replica version of the Fantasy Bra a much cheaper scale ($250) which will be available from November 29th.

Personally I feel like this style is a little more relatable, I mean these are show pieces created in a fake environment designed to draw the viewer into a fantasy land which is probably a little outdated now.  Everyone knows it and the Victoria’s Secret sales figures reflect this, but the brand seems to be making small steps in the right direction, it’s just whether they can do enough in the time they have available to begin draw in the right clientele.  Of course none of that has anything at all to do with the Fantasy Bra, or Elsa Hosk which are both freaking amazing no matter what…


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