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Victoria’s Secret Metrocentre Opening Date!

November 7, 2018

Ok Voyeurs this is the one you’ve been waiting for, you’ve been to Intu Metrocentre, you’ve walked past those goddamn boards in the Red Mall one million times and you’ve thought to yourself, when will this Victoria’s Secret store just open already!  Well, I’ve been sitting on this one for a while but I was told that my face would be punched clean off my head if I told you early so true to my word, I zipped my lip.  Until now…

Victoria's Secret Logo

The North East’s first ever Victoria’s Secret store is opening on November 14th!  Yes it’s that soon!  We know that it’s big, it’s 10,000 square feet all on one level so its accessible and it will house PINK as well as well as the brand’s mainline lingerie and Victoria’s Secret Sport collections.  We’re promised the usual makeup and body lines that all stand alone stores have too so if you’re already planning stocking fillers or are stuck for gifts then this is an absolute sure thing.  Victoria’s Secret lipglosses, liquid lips and body sprays are all divine, I can vouch.

“We’re delighted that Victoria’s Secret has chosen to expand their UK presence at intu Metrocentre, taking advantage of our 21 million annual footfall. It’s the latest brand to be attracted by the combination of affluent style-conscious shoppers with an eye for premium brands.”  Kate Grant, Regional Managing Director, Intu

So, will it be busy?  You bet!  The annual Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show is filming tomorrow so expect it to be buzzing and you may even get to see snippets of it on the big screen whilst you shop, who knows.  If it’s anything like the other stores (here’s a closer look at London) then expect to see previous Fashion Shows on repeat and you may even get to see some show outfits up close and personal as they do tend to travel from store to store.

No matter what, expect glamour, glitter, long lines and lots of pink!



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