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What I Wore: To Channel Sabrina The Teenage Witch

December 28, 2018

Actually, that title maybe a little misleading as this is perhaps more of a Weird Sisters look, I like to think of myself as more of a Sabrina by nature but a Prudence or a Dorkus in the style stakes.  This is one of my favourite looks at the minute and it’s not too difficult to achieve right now as similar dresses are pretty easy to find on the highstreet.

It started as a microstyle on the runways maybe 18 months ago and as with everything in fashion, it takes time to trickle down and eventually hit the highstreet as what we know as a “trend”.   The highstreet is great at picking out the “fast” and easily identifiable top level trends, i.e. the ones that will sell and “convert” into highstreet mass sales, – the ones that the highstreet as a whole will latch on to and buy en masse from overseas producers.  Basically the ones that you’ll see in every shop window throughout Spring / Summer / Fall / Winter.  Because fashion works as a domino effect.

What they’re not so great at, is recognising underlying trends, those are the ones that can take much longer to hit the rails, and often stores have no idea why they’re selling them, or where those looks came from.  Because some buyer watched a show and took a risk on a look and bought up a cheaper production of it.  This is one of those.  It’s one you could very easily make, or customise too, I’ve done it to pretty great effect, all you need is a black shift dress and some heavy lace, you don’t even need to particularly skilled at stitching as it’s all hand stitching and it can all be hidden.

So, your best bet for finding this look on the cheap is Matalan.  Matalan have a couple of similar styles in black, forest green and midnight blue complete with white fluted sleeves however there’s one caveat, they’re only produced in the brand’s petite range which means they’s smaller in every dimension, not just the length.  If like me you’re tall, this option is out.

Elsewhere on the highstreet you’ll find similar (although poor quality) in New Look – currently in administration so be quick.

The dress I’m wearing here is a FW18 Zara dress which I bought myself online (no previous affiliation).  Normally I’d advise you to go into the store and try on because I’m an advocate for keeping our British highstreet alive and thriving, however in the case of Zara stores I’d strongly advise against it and suggest that you buy online at every opportunity.  Staff are rude, obnoxious, unhelpful, patronising, unfriendly – and it’s not store specific.  I’ve experienced this in every Zara store I’ve ever visited and a quick Twitter poll recently concluded that you Voyeurs feel exactly the same.  My advice here is vote with your feet, buy online and use your home as your changing room, return anything you don’t need.  Simples.  I’ve styled this with opaque black tights (everyone owns opaques), my current favourite M&S boots which I bought around September-ish last year (also in this post), and one of my favourite Chanel quilted handbags which I just don’t get enough use out of so I’ve decided to use more this year.

Now, where’s my spellbook…..?



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