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Bra Fitting with Victoria’s Secret Intu Metrocentre

January 9, 2019

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This is a collaborative post with Intu Metrocentre.  After having spent the last however many years wearing sports bras without wires, I’ve had absolutely no idea what size bra I’d be if I were ever to wear a “proper” big girl bra with wires.  Yes, that’s right Voyeurs, the last time I wore a bra with wires, I think was around eleven or twelve years ago.  My poor little breasticles have been through the mill and had some surgery on them so for quite some time after they were mis-shapen and sore – for a long time, I was instructed not to wear any lingerie with wires as this could hinder recovery.  (If you want to read up on that you can do so here.)  So I spent a long time in a compression garment and then went straight into sports bras which were the next best thing.  Out of fear, I’ve continued to just live in them.

More recently, you’ll know that here in the North East we were treated to our very first stand alone Victoria’s Secret store at Intu Metrocentre making the dreams of a lot of young girls and aspiring VS Angels come true in one day.  I was invited by the lovely folk at Intu Metrocentre to visit the brand new store for a private fitting with Victoria’s Secret’s trained professional bra fitters to find out exactly what size I am (in Victoria’s Secret products) and to be further gifted a bra of my choice from the store.  Sound exciting?  To someone who hasn’t been fitted for a bra in around fifteen years?  It really was.

I was introduced to Jasmine – we actually realised we know each other already from working together previously, bit weird that she was about to see my bangers but I just went with it anyway.  Jasmine advised that Victoria’s Secret sizing can often come out completely different than other highstreet stores if I’d been measured elsewhere recently, but that it applies to their products only, I told her I’m practically a bra fitting virgin and we got down to business.  After some nimble fingerwork with a measuring tape, Jasmine told me that I’m a modest 36B and disappeared on to the shop floor to grab a few products for me to try.

The fitting rooms in Victorias Secret feel exactly as they sound, like you’re hiding a secret.  In the brand’s signature black and pink it feels heady and sensuous, perfect for a lingerie brand.  There’s a buzzer to press if you need someone to come to you whilst your in the fitting room, and multiple mirrors allowing you to view yourself from all angles.  When Jasmine returns she gives a soft knock at the door and hands in two bras telling me to buzz when I have one on.  Once I’m fully covered she’s back in checking the fit and telling me this one isn’t so good because it gapes at the front meaning that when I move I’ll leave myself exposed.  On to the next.  This one she tells me is much better, in terms of fit it feels snug, there’s no risk of gaping, there’s lift and push and all the things that women come to Victoria’s Secret for apparently.  Except me.

I tell jasmine my dilemma.  I just want something that makes them look a little more like the modest 36B they are and she says with a wink and absolutely no judgement at all, “I know something I think you’ll like.”  Two minutes pass and she’s back clutching a strapless bra, it’s black with silver thread running through the top section, balconette style but with no padding at all.  It’s pretty cute.  “Does it come in a longline?”  I say,  “Give me two minutes….”  True to her word two minutes later she’s back and she’s got the same thing in a longline version.  I try it on in a 36B and it’s perfect.

Victorias Secret Dream Angels Scalloped Edge Lace Bustier Fashion Voyeur Blog

After making my way out on to the shop floor I decide to see if I can find a matching thong, sadly they’re sold out but I’m told that stock is delivered almost daily to this new store and to either check back or to check online so it’s almost certain I’ll be able to source my matching item.  Within minutes the once huge queue has diminished to nothing and my gift from Intu Metrocentre is being wrapped in pink tissue and packaged neatly into a bag ready for me to bring home and unwrap.

When I arrive home I’m already thinking of how I can incorporate this into my wardrobe as it’s not the average everyday bra, so far I’ve tried it under a Yolan Cris gown and over a Scooby-Doo tee and both look equally good.  It’s the perfect cut for the strapless evening gown and it’s just cool enough with the hint of silver for the “underwear as outerwear” trend too.

The bra I chose would have cost £49.99 full price, with thanks to Intu Metrocentre for gifting it to me.



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