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Rocky Star FW19 at London Fashion Week

February 16, 2019

Rocky Star is one of those shows that causes an absolute scrum outside.  I mean everyone has an invite, but not everyone makes it through the doors, it’s a pretty elite show and there’s a reason for that.  Rocky Star’s shows are awesome, they’re full of sparkle, fringing, tulle and it’s the look that probably inspired what you’re wearing right now because it’s the one the high street most often rips off.  Yes, everyone wants a piece of what Rocky Star is selling, even you, whether you know it or not.

For FW19 Star was inspired by Vatican architecture, the collection features his take on the painting Separation of Light from Darkness, and in a bid to unravel the myriad of experiences we undergo ourselves as humans, throughout the collection, Star touches upon the realm of fantasy and the romanticism between good and evil.  It’s something we’ve seen glimmers of in earlier collections, but nothing quite so forceful as this and it’s a collection that I love, those fringed trousers that were made for slo-mo walking are to die for.

Star has always been about female empowerment.  Dressing the female body and empowering women has always been at the core of his work and his Fall/Winter collection for 2019/20 is no different, the values remain the same.  Where there’s powerful tailoring this is instantly juxtaposed and almost challenged with free-flowing silhouettes in the line-up.  Typical Rocky Star fabrics made the cut including feathers, organza, velvet, lace and silk, as well as those more skilful elements which showcase the young designer’s talents, pleated sequins, quilting and flat broad collars.

Rocky Star continues to be a show I look forward to each season, I watched from the front row, which really is the only place to absorb the intricacy of the workmanship that goes into creating each Rocky Star piece, from the sheer volume of triple flip weight sequins (no flat single stitch paillettes here), to the way the feathers are placed to make them lie as they would on a living bird.  The craftsmanship is what matters here, sure the end product is special, but the work that goes in is phenomenal.

I remember bumping into Rocky Star the morning after his show a few years back, it was back when Freemason’s Hall used both show spaces and there had been a riot outside before his show.  The guy is so damn humble and it’s easy to see why reality stars who leave the Big Brother House (RIP) or Love Island end up desperately trying to get Star on speed dial.  His style is familiar, but inaccessible to the mainstream.  This is the wondrous thing about Rocky Star; it’s editorial fashion, but it’s also wonderfully commercial.  The highstreet looks to this midpoint, to the Pioneers and it takes elements from every point, top, middle and bottom of the collection with the intent of reproducing and repackaging them.  Star’s collection is one of those that you’ll no doubt see everywhere, maybe you’ll even buy a highstreet replica thinking that you’re buying something original.  Well know this; you saw it here first on the runway of Rocky Star at Fashion Scout.  The only question remaining, is when will we see this designer on schedule?



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