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Boojie Burger at Stack Newcastle

April 30, 2019

Stack Newcastle has firmly established itself as one of those ‘must visit’ places in the city centre.  The double level container village with its imposing black facade is a lot more welcoming than the initial plans may have led you to believe.  Strung with modern bare bulbs and industrial scaffold style seating, it’s a little bit of Shoreditch right here in the centre of Newcastle.  It even has a roof (of sorts) fitted now so you can revel in the elements as long as you like.

an image showing the front of Stack Newcastle pop up container village in newcastle Upon Tyne

At Stack it’s downstairs for dancing and upstairs for er, eating – so a little different to that age old saying your granddad taught you.  On the top deck you’ll find a smorgasbord of eateries and owners Danieli Holdings have tried to fill units with independents from all over the region providing something for every taste.  There’s one ‘restaurant’ style closed unit in the corner called Cluck Cluck Moo which works in a similar style to Nando’s (except the food is better), you can read my full review here.

When we were invited back to review the latest vendor to the top deck, Boojie Burger, we jumped at the chance.  Now, this isn’t our first visit to Boojie burger.  It’s not even our second.  It’s actually our third.  We’ve visited twice previously (as paying customers) during press events at Stack where we stayed behind afterwards to eat, this was before they’d fully refined their menu so this visit was the first time we’d tasted anything from their brand spanking new menu, which they feel is their best yet and has been developed specifically for Geordie tastebuds.

We arrived to a warm welcome and a reserved table with a lovely lightbox on it displaying my name – a really nice little touch I thought, something that would be great for kid’s parties, bachelorette parties or other similar events.  What we also quickly realised is that Boojie Burger has prime viewing for entertainment at Stack, no matter where you sit, you get a great view of any music or performance acts on down below – top tip alert.

So, what about the food?  Well the menu is short and concise and very easy to follow, however don’t let that fool you into thinking it’s an easy choice.  The guys behind Boojie Burger think they’ve sussed out what the people of Newcastle want from a burger which is why they’ve cut out the lengthy menu options and tried to simplify things.  We opted for a Saucy Pig £7 (Bacon, Cheese and BBQ Sauce), a Mexican £7 (Guacamole, Chipotle Sauce and Cheese) and a simple Cheeseburger £6, all of which come with lettuce and tomato as standard fixings.  The seasoned fries £3 were our choice of sides, although there is Halloumi £3 on the menu (which was sold out when we arrived) – we were advised that this is a firm favourite in the Toon so don’t all rush at once!

All food is prepared fresh to order and you’re given a buzzer which lets you know when to return to the hatch to collect.  The burger patties are packed with flavour, juicy but not fatty or oily and satisfying enough to leave you full but not uncomfortable.  The Saucy Pig was Bo’s favourite – topped with bacon and a lick of tangy BBQ sauce to cut though the meatiness.  I loved the Mexican, dripping with avocado and lashings of Chipotle which gave it that temperature and texture difference throughout, not spicy but an absolute joy to eat!  Plankton loved the good old fashioned American style Cheeseburger and despite having an adult’s appetite, a burger and a portion of fries was easily enough to finish him off!

An image showing the full menu of burgers and sides served at Boojie Burger in Stack Newcastle

Food at Boojie Burger is served in recycled cardboard trays, and wooden flatware is available if required although we were more than happy to go at everything with our hands caveman style.  Prices are standard fare for a freshly cooked burger from an independent provider right in the city centre, especially one this good.  In terms of taste, Boojie Burger is easily on par with Meat:Stack who were recently voted the best burger in Newcastle.  It’s still a relatively undiscovered gem with it being hidden in the upper walls of Stack.

I was on crutches at the time of our visit and despite it being incredibly busy, staff were more than happy to assist and help which I think really added to our experience.  We left happy and with full tummies and there’s not much more you can ask for than that.  We’d highly recommend Boojie Burger, especially given its advantageous vantage point in terms of entertainment and yes, there’s even a vegetarian option on the menu.



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