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Raising The Barre for The Sunshine Fund

December 12, 2019

I’m super pleased to be back at The Barre and working out again, something I really didn’t think would happen after a really bad surgical procedure in April 2019 and a botched recovery that saw the NHS hang me out to dry.  Slowly but surely, with the support of Instructors who’ve allowed me to take a way more modified version of a regular barre class, I’ve been able to get some control back into my body and get some fitness back which in turn has made me a lot happier.

An Image taken from the Barre Body Campaign shot by Jason Holcomb for The Barre Workout Newcastle featuring Pixie Tenenbaum and other clients of The Barre. A row of clients are positioned sat under the barre with their feet stretched up towards the barre to stretch their hamstrings and their hands are hung over the barre to stretch out their shoulders at the end of a class.

I’m even more thrilled to be working with them to support The Sunshine Fund, an absolutely amazing North East charity which supports children with physical and learning disabilities by providing equipment they otherwise wouldn’t have access to.  Now when I say equipment, I’m talking life changing, this is equipment that’s absolutely required but not funded by the NHS, Social Services or any other organisation, things such as specialist beds, wheelchairs, trikes, IT and sensory equipment like weighted blankets.  The Sunshine Fund take on the responsibility of supporting babies, children and young adults right through to their 19th birthday from all over the North East region – That’s a lot of disabled people to look after and support and with no specialist funding streams, they rely solely on donations from local businesses, organisations and actual lovely people from the North East and sometimes even further afield.  If you’re reading this and want to make a donation from afar, then you can do so here:

The Chronicle Sunshine Fund Logo with a Santa hat on it for Christmas!

In order to meet the needs of the disabled children they commit support to each year, they are required to raise £450,000 per year.  That’s a lot of cash, a lot of work, and a lot of kindness.  Personally, and this is solely my opinion it feels like a hell of a huge gap in services from the NHS and Social Services given that they are often the people who identify the need and the equipment required then put the focus on the family to go away and source it, often with a huge feeling of guilt hanging over them if they aren’t aware of wonderful charities like The Sunshine Fund who are around for this very purpose.  So, they cycle is, disabled child has a need identified, a piece of equipment usually aimed at the special needs or disability market is required and The Sunshine Fund help to buy the (very expensive) equipment.  Happiness restored.

On December 23rd, The Barre will be holding a special Christmas fundraiser to support The Sunshine fund.  Anyone booked into a class at any time on the schedule on 23rd can come in wearing a costume, some kind of Christmas get up, your best ABBA tribute, basically anything you like, as long as you can do all of your regular class moves without popping a gusset or getting in a tangle.  It’s going to be awesome, all we’re asking as that anyone taking part makes a donation to support The Sunshine Fund and please remember, you don’t have to dress up, we do respect that dressing up isn’t for everyone, you can still come along and take part in your regular workout clothes and still make a donation if you like.

The Barre Therapy Menu detailing prices for the Barre Body Pros who offer Rehap Sports Massage and Relaxation and Revive massage starting at £30 for 30 minutes

Don’t barre but want to pop in and make a donation?  Then come on in!  You don’t have to be a member or take class to take part in the day, if you’ve ever wondered what barre is, or what it’s all about then this is the perfect opportunity to swing by for a chat.  The studio itself has really evolved over the past 6 months with the addition of a treatment room for Rehabilitation and Relaxation style massage treatments, just bear in mind that if you do drop by and see a room of 20 elves, superheroes and Christmas fairies working out – you’re not hallucinating, that really happened.



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